UNJLC Sudan: Darfur NFI and emergency shelter sector monthly update no. 4 - Apr 2007



- The Common NFI Pipeline for Darfur, one of the main tools of the NFI and ES Sec tor, continues to support the return and reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Between months of Feb, March and April 2007, NFI kits were issued to 8,726 organized IDP returnees from South Darfur to Northern Bahr Ghazal to assist in their early reintegration.

- Following reconciliation, the Rotana tribesmen ventured return to Marla, their place of origin which they were displaced from for over 23 years. An Inter-Agency Assessment mission to this area revealed approximately 1,500 IDPs returned spontaneously. Targeted distributions of NFIs to woman and children were carried-out. The following items were distributed by our local partner, ALHAM: 200 p/sheeting, 840 sanitary materials, 800 sleeping mats, 800xj/cans; 800 women's toaps, which covered 200 households.

- In West Darfur, the NFI and Emergenc y Shelter sec tor assessed through its partner, HelpAge, SISI camp which, previously was not possible to undertake due to varying fac tors, with the view to distribute NFIs. The findings of this assessment are currently being studied, a step forward considering the obstacles whic h ought to be overcome.

- In North Darfur, 1,500 IDP households in Rowanda camp, Tawila whose shelters got destroyed by fire received NFIs kits. The Sudanese Red Crescent undertook these distributions, ensuring the beneficiary receive the NFI kits in a timely fashion.

- Significant decline overall number of distributions as effect of reduced NNGO activity in South Darfur is felt.