United Nations Sudan Situation Report 9 Jun 2005

Key Developments

SRSG Pronk and PDSRSG Zerihoun travelled to Abuja today to attend the African Union-mediated talks to resolve the crisis in Sudan's western region of Darfur. The meeting is scheduled to open on 10 June in Abuja, and all parties are expected to take part.

Minister of Justice re-confirmed the government's decision not to hand over any Sudanese nationals for trial to the ICC.

Security Issues

North Darfur: Confirmation was received of a SLA attack on a GoS administrative convoy at Khor Tawilla (15 km west of Tawilla) on 6 June. No further details are currently available.

South Darfur: Reports indicate that during the night of 8 June, GoS police surrounded Kalma camp and started to shoot randomly, and continued for some minutes. No casualties were reported but IDPs were extremely scared. According to sources, representatives from the Voluntary Return committee established by the Wali of South Darfur visited the camp yesterday and told the IDPs that they have to relocate to the Al Salaam camp by Friday. According to community representatives, GoS was trying to intimidate the IDPs to evict the camp. IDPs are expecting more harassment to force them to move to the new camp today and tomorrow.

Reports indicate that on 7 June, four trucks carrying WFP food travelling from Kass to Zalingie were stopped in Martadjallo (approx 15 km S of Nertiti) by armed men in military uniform and riding horses. They took them off the main road and demanded their money and personal effects. Reports said that the bandits didn't take WFP food. The road Kass-Nertiti is considered by UN as "NO GO."

South Sudan: Four armed men stopped a boat being operating by an INGO at gunpoint between Ulang and Duma - Sobat Corridor SE of Malakal with two national staff members on board. One staff member jumped in the river and escaped but the other was taken with the boat and robbed of a Thuraya phone and cash. He was released after four hours. Both staff members arrived in Malakal unhurt.

Political Affairs

In Khartoum on 8 June, the GoS gave its first Cabinet-level response to this week's decision by the ICC to begin investigating war crimes in Darfur, in accordance with Resolution 1593. Justice Minister Ali Karti was quoted as saying that the Government's decision not to hand any Sudanese national for trial outside the country remains valid and has not changed, insisting it can prosecute any war criminals in its own courts.

On 8 June, Egypt announced that it will host the final and decisive round of negotiations now scheduled to take place on 12 June between the Sudanese government and the opposition party, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). The two parties are expected to finalise the Cairo Peace Accord at the meeting.

A reconciliation document between Arabs and Fur was signed in Abata, near Zalingei (West Darfur) with Musa Hilal signing on behalf of the former and Deemanqawi Fadhl Sissi, from Zalingei, on behalf of the Fur from Dar Deema (Zalingei, Kas, Western Jabal Mara, Kabkabiyaa). Both sides pledged to end hostilities and to resolve the conflict peacefully to allow, inter alia, the return of IDPs. A GoS delegation, headed by the Minister of Interior attended the ceremony. The agreement is a follow up to the broader Fur-Arab reconciliation announced in Khartoum on 14 April.


A meeting took place on 8 June between UNAIDS Country Coordinator and HIV/AIDS Policy Advisor. They discussed technical approach for HIV/AIDS sensitization to UNICEF staff scheduled for this month.

On 8 June, the Chief Medical Officer and the HIV/AIDS Policy advisor laid strategies for peacekeepers' Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT).

HIV/AIDS Unit Staff will accompany the Force Commander to Kassala on 12 June. The Staff will conduct HIV/AIDS induction training for Nepalese Company on 12-13 June in Kassala.

Humanitarian Affairs

South Sudan

Bahr El Jebel: On 8 June, WFP started the airdrop of 386 MT of food targeting 10,000 beneficiaries in Torit.

The Ministry of Health has finally allowed this week, after some significant delay, a measles vaccination campaign in Kass, to start this weekend.

Upper Nile: The cross-line mission which completed its work on the Malakal-Tonga corridor on 8 June will start on the Malakal-Kodok corridor on 13 June.

Khartoum: 32 returnee families (103 people) travelled from Alsamrab area in Khartoum north via bus to Kadugli and surrounding areas in South Kordofan (Nuba Mountains)

South Darfur: A movement of 3,000 IDPs from Kalma/Nyala to West Darfur, expected on 10 June, was conducted on 8 June in the presence of the Wali and various State Ministers, as well as the media. IOM declined to participate as the movement was still under investigation.