United Nations Sudan Situation Report 5 Jun 2005

Key Developments:

The Beja Congress has confirmed that it captured three state officials and three policemen in the East on or around 24 May. The six men are reportedly being held as "prisoners of war."

SRSG Pronk travelled to El Fasher and Zalingei on 3 and 4 June to meet with Government officials, the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, the US Deputy-Secretary of State, Robert Zoellick and UNMIS staff.

The AU Commissioner of Peace and Security, Said Djinnit, arrived at AU HQ in El Fasher on 2 June. His three-day visit included visits to IDP camps in both North and South Darfur, and meetings with humanitarian agencies to discuss coordination and cooperation between the AU and the humanitarian community.

Security Issues:

South Darfur: On 3 June, UNMIS received a report that the village of Marla was attacked by armed tribesmen. The original attack and subsequent retaliatory attacks, which apparently were caused by inter-clan tensions, have resulted in a large influx of civilians from Marla to Gereida and an undetermined number of casualties.

On 2 June at about 7 km from Bulbul village a convoy of two Land Cruisers belonging to Um Amomineen, a national NGO, was ambushed by four armed men on camel backs. They looted 45,000 SD, trousers and shirts and left them virtually naked after stoning them. GoS Police from Kass later arrived at the scene and evacuated them to Kass. No casualties were reported, but the victims suffered superficial wounds.

West Darfur: On 5 June, an attack was attempted on Selea on 3 June. The GoS local authorities and local population repelled the assault and drove out the attacking tribesmen. Two women were wounded during the attack.

In another development in Selea, one individual was shot in the leg by bandits at a water point in Selea town on 2 June. The victim is currently receiving treatment at the town's hospital.

On 3 June, a NGO reported that one of his local workers was shot in the leg while working in the organisation's compound and is now receiving treatment at Golo Hospital.

On 2 June the AU reported fighting between SLA and Arab nomads in Galol area. One SLA fighter was reportedly killed in action.

Eastern Sudan: On 31 May, armed militias from opposition groups (Beja Congress/ Free Lions) stopped a government Land Cruiser at Maria 40 km east of Kassala carrying four soldiers and kidnapped all on board. The four soldiers are still missing.

On 1 June, a group of sheiks who are believed to be Government supporters were kidnapped in the evening hours at Aroma by suspected Beja militia members. The victims are still missing. There is now a total of 19 security check points on the Kassala/Port Sudan highway and most civilian commercial businesses operating on this road are being escorted by security forces.

South Sudan: On 3 June, fighting between SAF and LRA at military camp in FARAR (80 km south of Juba) was reported. No additional details yet available.

According to police sources, the two intruders who broke into the UNMIS Compound on 30 May and later escaped from police custody, were re-captured by police on 1 June in Juba town. They have already been sentenced to three months prison.

Belated reports indicate that last week, in Tirangori village approximately 29 km east of Torit, a group of villagers was stopped and one was killed by a gunshot in an apparent case of retaliation for an earlier tribal killing.

Protection Issues:

North Darfur: Elders of Abu Shouk camp informed OCHA that the HAC camp manager called a tribal leaders' meeting on 30 May and asked the leaders to start an information campaign for the return of IDPs to their villages. The elders reportedly rejected the suggestion as long as security and basic services at the return destinations remain unaddressed.

Humanitarian Affairs:


West Darfur: The Iranian Red Crescent has opened a clinic in the Al Imtidad area of El Geneina.

North Darfur: Oxfam is in the process of rehabilitating 95 latrines in Tawila destroyed by rains at the end of May.


South Sudan: On 4 June CARE completed a one month full ration food distribution to the 6,530 people registered by WFP in March after their displacement from nearby Wak and Chot Chak (Unity). This complements UNICEF's distribution of NFI kits to 1,000 Households -- leaving a gap in NFI distribution of 291 Households.

North Darfur: GAA has started a half-ration food distribution to four nomadic settlements and the surrounding villages in the Kutum villages, based upon recent assessments by WFP and its implementing partners.

FAO has started a distribution of seeds and tools to different areas of the state, including SLA-controlled areas. Distribution is being conducted by NGOs and community-based organizations, and is planned to end by mid-June.


White Nile: OCHA registered 31 households (108 people) on 2 June and 65 households (180 people) on 4 June passing through Kosti on their way to various locations in the south bringing the total number of returnees recorded in the area since 12 Feb. to 4,202 households (13,041 people).