United Nations Sudan Situation Report 3 Jul 2005

Situation Report
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Key Developments
  • The leader of the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Hasan al-Turabi, was released by the GoS authorities on 30 June following 15 months' detention.

  • In Abuja, the AU mediation team met with its partners, including the UN, on 30 June and agreed on compromise language for all outstanding issues.
Security Issues

North Darfur

On 1 July, reports were received of an attack on two civilian vehicles at Karka village (east of El- Fasher) by SLA.

On 1 July, commercial truck drivers complained of harassment by armed men along the Omm Kabkabiya road.

It was reported that the SLA ambushed a GoS convoy at Jalbach village (not far from Tawilla) on 1 July, in which two SLA fighters were killed.

n 29 Jun,e in Bisharia, an on-duty police officer on his way to the check point in El Fasher, was stopped by a group of armed men riding on horses and camels. They confiscated his rifle and took all his valuables. The police officer ran to the check point to report the incident when the armed men attacked the police check-point, allegedly killing two police officers and injuring five others.

South Darfur

On 1 July, reports were received that a commercial vehicle carrying passengers from Gereida to Nyala was ambushed by six armed bandits about 12 km south of Nyala, close to the newly constructed Hashaba IDP Camp, and about 3 km away from a GoS police checkpoint. They opened fire on the vehicle and killed four passengers and seriously wounded four others. The latter were evacuated to Nyala Teaching Hospital where one died. The bandits looted the properties of all the passengers and the driver. It should be recalled that on 14 June a shepherd was shot dead at the same location by two armed men.

On 14 June also two armed men on camelback pointed their guns at IRC staff on their way to Hashaba in the same area. Due to insecurity in the area two INGOs temporarily suspended their activities in the new IDPs Camp. The road has also been declared a NO-GO road for UN operations.

West Darfur

On 1 July, the Sheik of Riyad camp reported incidences of harassments of villagers by armed tribesmen outside the camp.

On 2 July, it was reported that a UN staff member was hit by a vehicle in Geneina town while he was jogging. He will be evacuated to El Fasher by helicopter and then to Khartoum on 3 July.

Eastern Sudan

Reports were received that an INGO withdrew its staff from Kassala on 29 June, due to raising tensions and security concerns in the area.

Information received from SPLM at Kassala indicates that 1500 SPLA troops coming from SPLA controlled area in Kassala are to be deployed to Khartoum before the SPLM leader John Garangs arrival in Khartoum on 7 July.

South Sudan

Reports indicate that on 28 June, LRA elements attacked a GoS military position at Kuraa Angerebi (approx. 45 km east of the Juba/Torit road) and killed one soldier.

It was reported that on 28 June, during the night, unknown individuals broke into a shop approx. 80 metres from Juba Police Station and stole cash (SD 90.000) and a bag containing watches. Latest reports indicate that the robbers are under arrest and were identified as former soldiers who were dismissed from the GoS Army.

Reports indicate that on 29 June a cattle raiding attempt resulted in the death of one person from Bul.

Protection Issues

West Darfur

UNHCR undertook an assessment on 26-28 June in five villages in the Zalingei area to gather information on GoS-assisted returns from Zalingei camps. UNHCR counted around 420 families, most of whom said they had returned voluntarily. However, it also appeared that many people were not the original inhabitants of the villages, and that they intended to stay there only until the harvest. GoS had organized these returns the previous week, without informing UNHCR.

Political Affairs

Although the Popular Congress Party (PCP) was reportedly authorised to resume political activities and re-open its Khartoum headquarters, upon his release, Turabi lamented the ongoing lack of freedoms, including bans on street demonstrations.

In addition, on the same day, the GoS freed 15 detainees arrested in connection with the Port Sudan incidents of February 2005. Peace talks between the GoS and Eastern Front were stalled after the latter insisted on the release of the detainees and on an independent Commission of Inquiry into the Port Sudan killings. The latest move, which comes in the midst of GoS deliberations on the national constitution, is a significant step forward in getting the talks started between the two sides.

n 1 July in Abuja, the Arab League and the Libyan delegation consulted the parties on the outstanding issues, of which the question of 'unity' is likely to form the main bone of contention. On 30 June President Obasanjo of Nigeria met with SLM/A and JEM leaders in a bid to move the process forward.

On 30 June, Principal DSRSG Zerihoun met the leadership of the Eastern Front (EF) in Asmara, to discuss the recent outbreak of violence in the East and the possibility of starting talks with the GoS. The EF was positive regarding the start of talks in the near future, as was GoS First Vice-President Taha, who met with the SRSG and PDSRSG to discuss the outcome of the trip, on 2 July.

Human Rights

On June 29 in El Fasher, UNMIS HR held a meeting with the Judges panel of the National Criminal Court for Darfur Crimes, chaired by the Judge Mahmoud Mohamed Saeed Abkam, in El Fasher. The Court stated that unrestricted access to the hearings will be granted to human rights observers and media. Although the Court has not disclosed the selection of cases to be heard, unconfirmed reports indicate that the next case to be heard involves the killing of one IDP from Abu Shouk camp by three GoS soldiers on 15 January 2005.

Civil Affairs

UN El Fasher office received confirmation on 28 June that AMIS will be involved in facilitation of livestock migration after a request was extended by the GoS Committee on migration routes. Sector commanders and group sites were asked to facilitate the livestock movement when it starts. Actual movement is expected in early July.

UNMIS Military Deployment

Acting FC visited Sector IV (Nuba Mountains) on 2 July. All the Team Sites were visited. Each Team Site Commander gave a brief on the operational and logistics situation.

Humanitarian Affairs

South Darfur

Work on the new Al-Salam camp is ongoing and humanitarian agencies are confident that the camp will be fully operational within the next few days. But, security conditions around Al-Salam camp are currently not favourable for the relocation exercise.

West Darfur

Humanitarian agencies based in Geneina with programmes in the Zalingei corridor have not been able to access the area due to flooding.

UNJLC is stepping up soap distribution in Geneina camps to improve hygiene conditions in view of last weeks report that over 90% of latrines are in need of urgent rehabilitation


South Sudan

CARE food distributions has commenced in Mayom (Bentiu) on 1-2 July.


Eastern Sudan

The WHO office has reported four cases of Dengue fever virus among people coming from Port Sudan. It remains unconfirmed whether the virus is present in the Kassala area.


Upper Nile

25 refugees arrived in Malakal on 2 July from Ethiopia. WFP and UNICEF are following up.