United Nations Sudan Situation Report 3 Aug 2005

Situation Report
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Key Developments

The SPLM/A announced on 2 Aug. that Dr. John Garang will be buried in Juba on Saturday, 6 Aug. SRSG Jan Pronk will travel to Juba on Friday to attend the funeral with a high-level UNMIS delegation, including the two Deputy SRSGs and the Force Commander.

The SPLM/A announced that Cdr. Salva Kiir Mayardit is Dr. Garang's successor as both First Vice-President of Sudan and President of South Sudan.

In his first press conference since the death of Dr. Garang, held today, SRSG Pronk offered his condolences to the Sudanese authorities, the people of Sudan and Garang's family. He said the United Nations mourned this tragic loss - one which was a loss for all of Sudan. The SRSG reiterated that there was no reason to suggest or believe that the crash was anything but a tragic accident.

Early violent reactions to the news were evident in a small number of locations in southern Sudan and Khartoum, but the country was largely quiet on 2 and 3 Aug., except for a few demonstrations and a number of localised clashes between groups in the greater Khartoum area.

Security Issues


Instances of public disorder continued throughout 1 to 3 Aug. and, in Khartoum, even after the curfew. Reports were received that over 80 people have been killed in Sudan, including at least three police officers. The majority of those deaths were recorded in the Khartoum area.

Disorder resulting in fatalities has also been reported at Juba and Malakal. Reports also include burned vehicles and looted and sacked shops. In Wau, approximately 1,000 people marched shouting about the death of their leader on 1 Aug. and a number of shops were looted. Schools, shops and markets were closed.


Reports indicated that by the night of 1 Aug., the situation had calmed down, although there were a few gunshots heard in the evening in Juba. National staff members were advised to stay at their homes.


North Darfur

WFP reports that one of its trucks was stopped by armed men near Tawilla on the 31 July, and the contents of the truck (including significant quantities of wheat and sugar) looted.

South Darfur

Credible reports of possible unrest from the Dinka community around Nyala following announcement of the death of Dr. Garang did not materialise.

West Darfur

One INGO vehicle was shot at and hit while travelling in a convoy with two other vehicles between Masteri and Kongo Haraza, by armed men. No casualties reported. All staff safely reached Beida, from where they will be relocated to Geneina on Wednesday with an AU escort. Another INGO car was stopped in the same area. Staff were questioned for few hours and then released. All of them arrived safely to Masteri.

Political Affairs

In his press briefing, the SRSG said he was pleased with the reactions of the Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A and their desire to continue with the implementation of the CPA. He noted that he had personally witnessed the sorrow of Sudan's leaders, both from the north and south; and it was a sorrow shared by everybody.

Looking ahead, the SRSG said there are two main issues to deal with. First, in the long-term, nothing should distract Sudan from the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). He added that the CPA's implementation was important not only for north and south Sudan, but also for eastern Sudan and Darfur.

Secondly, he noted that many people were angry and frustrated over Garang's death, but there was no need for rioting and the riots should stop.

The UN will be providing the SPLM - the organizers of the funeral - with logistical assistance for the funeral arrangements.

As well, the United Nations has also offered its assistance in the expected investigation into the helicopter crash that killed Garang.