United Nations Sudan Situation Report 28 Jul 2005

Key Developments
SRSG Pronk travelled to Abyei, Agok and Muglad on 27 and 28 July to meet local officials and tribal leaders. Discussions focussed on the recent Abyei Boundary Commission decision and how it might be implemented peacefully. The SRSG will meet the President on 30 July to discuss his impressions from the visit.

Security Issues

North Darfur

UNMIS received reports that on 25 July a water tanker travelling from El Fasher to Kutum was stopped by the SLM/A in Kafod. The driver was detained overnight before being released the next day; the tanker is still being held.

A commercial truck was hijacked on 25 July by the SLM/A in Kerkera (30 km N of El Fasher). The vehicle and the driver have not been released.

West Darfur

On 24 July, it was reported that the GoS police camp in the Kulbus area was attacked by three armed Chadian men believed to be military officers. GoS police retaliated and there was an exchange of fire. Two Chadian men were captured while the third one managed to escape. Later on, a committee of GoS Police and Chadian authorities was formed to resolve the matter. GoS police handed over the two Chadian men.

Protection Issues

South Sudan

On 27 July, the Protection Working Group South met in Rumbek to discuss previous assessment missions to Maiwut and Akobo/Pagak. An improved Incident Report Form for monitoring protection related issues was presented and discussed. Furthermore, the PWG recognized the need to provide IDPs with more information on the places of return.

South Darfur

On 26-27 July, a Protection Workshop was held in Nyala involving 36 participants from the UN, INGOs and the AU working in the three Darfurs. The participants agreed to improve co-operation between the various actors, monitor returns and to share best practices.

Political Affairs

Major Sudanese political leaders are slated to attend a conference in Floto, Germany, beginning 29 July to discuss "peace building in Sudan." Among those expected to attend are SPLM/A representative, Lam Akol, JEM President, Khalil Ibrahim, NDA representative, Al-Shafie Khidir and DUP Deputy President, Ali Hassanein. The conference is set to discuss the future of the CPA in Sudan, with some parties expected to focus on the effect of SCR 1593 on the stability of Sudan.

The new Administrative Supervisor for Upper Nile State, James Wani Igga, addressed thousands of people during a rally in Malakal on 26 July. He stated that with the new administrative reforms, civil servants should not fear losing their jobs, but should adhere to strict rules regarding work ethics. He mentioned that English would be the first language for the south, Arabic the second, and other native southern languages would be included in school curricula. Moreover, education would be the highest priority of his administration and funds allocated to the region under the wealth sharing agreement of the CPA would be used to develop the Upper Nile State.

Humanitarian Affairs

Eastern Sudan

WFP is to start an institutional feeding programme for HIV/AIDS patients in Kassala state hospital. The programme is officially for TB patients as HIV/AIDS is stigmatized in the area.

South Sudan

Sectoral meetings on NFI, shelter, Health and Nutrition were held on 27 July in Malakal. It was agreed to prepare contingency stocks of drugs, BP5 and NFIs before the end of the rainy season.

North Darfur

A 26 July, Rapid Needs Assessment in Hillat Hajer (20 km south of Tawilla) identified 676 returnees who left Tawilla for their village of origin in the beginning of July for the planting season.

Eastern Sudan

The GoS Commission on Refugees reports that approximately 15-20 Eritrean refugees enter Kassala state seeking asylum on a daily basis. Most of the refugees are draft-age boys and soldiers avoiding Eritrean military service.