United Nations Sudan Situation Report 27 Feb 2005

Key Developments:

Protection Working Group met with AU CFC monitors on 26 Feb.

Eleven AU civilian police arrived in El Geneina on 26 Feb.

AU continue to work on "draft framework protocol" in anticipation of new round of talks on Darfur now slated for March.

Security Issues:

South Darfur: According to several agencies, tensions around Gereida, Yassin and Joghana remain high.

A number of IDPs reported that an attack in Thur had killed approximately 16 people on 23 Feb. UN Human Rights Observers are investigating the incident.

Agencies report that two separate fire incidents occurred in Mosai A, one of the IDP camps in Nyala town, on 23 and 24 Feb. Strong winds reportedly caused the incidents while children were boiling tea in the absence of their parents. No casualties were reported.

West Darfur: Agencies report that two civilians were killed in Geneina town during the many robberies that occurred during the past week.

Protection Issues:

North Darfur: The Protection Working Group met with AU CFC monitors on 26 Feb. to explore possible solutions to the protection incidents that occur when women venture out of the IDP gatherings to fetch firewood. The teams have agreed to further discuss possible solutions and devise concrete strategies to address the issue.

West Darfur: Eleven AU civilian police arrived in El Geneina on 26 Feb. The AU plans to deploy a total of 80 civilian police over the next couple of months in order to improve the protection of IDPs in various IDP gatherings throughout the State.

Political Affairs:

Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam, the leading human rights activist and Chair of the Sudan Social Development Organization (SUDO), who had been detained without charge by the National Security and Intelligence Agency since his arrest on 24 Jan., was seen by his wife for the first time on 23 Feb. He was on hunger strike, insisting that he should be charged or released. After representations by the UN and other international community representatives, he was transferred to the authority of the Prosecutor and to hospital, where his family and lawyer now have full access to him. The basis for his arrest and that of the friend arrested with him, Mr Salah Mohamed Abdelrahman, remains unknown.

Talks between the Sudanese government and Darfur rebel groups to end the conflict in the region will not resume at the end of February, African Union spokesman in Khartoum Noureddine Mezni, said on 27 Feb. Meanwhile, the AU will continue consultations with the parties with the aim of creating a "draft framework protocol" as a basis for further talks.

Humanitarian Affairs:


North Darfur: Several studies have noted that the failure of the two previous harvests, the low rainfalls of last year and the depletion of coping mechanisms due to the conflict could lead to drought in many areas in Darfur. WFP and FAO are following up on the issues starting with a thorough assessment of possible affected areas.

Oxfam reports that the approximately 85,000 IDPs in Abu Shouk have been receiving 7.8 litres of water per person, per day, about half of what is required under the sphere standards. In addition, recent reports of IDPs using water to make bricks are of serious concern, as it is believed that this activity could consume up to 30% of the available water. Agencies are investigating the issue. In the mean time, UNICEF and WES are redeploying the water tanker in Zam Zam to serve the IDPs in Abu Shouk. The planed relocation of some of the IDPs in Abu Shouk to the new Bisharia site is also expected to alleviate some of the strain on the water resources in the camp.

UNICEF reports that it has agreed to pay for the examination fees of eight grade students and is awaiting for a list of students to be provided by the Ministry of Education (MoE). UNICEF is carrying out a similar intervention in both West and South Darfur.

South Darfur: Damages on two water tankers have affected the water supply in Kalma camp. WES reports that it plans to increase the number of tankers available in the camp and drill an additional borehole to address the issue. CARE reports that it has completed the 1.5 km water pipeline to service the water needs of IDPs in El Sureif camp significantly improving the water coverage in the camp.


South Darfur: CARE, Humedica and International Medical Corps (IMC) met on 24 and 25 Feb. to coordinate activities in El Sureif camp just outside Nyala town, as all three agencies are operating public health centers in the camp.