United Nations Sudan Situation Report 26 Jul 2005

Key Developments

  • On 25 July, a GoS passenger helicopter crashed in the outskirts of Nyala killing all 19 aboard.

  • SRSG Pronk met the Foreign Minister and leaders of the Ngok Dinka and Misseriya tribes in Khartoum to discuss the situation in Abyei.

Security Issues


During the early evening of 24 July, between 100 and 200 students of Jordan University in Khartoum, a private institution funded by Jordanians, held a demonstration against the university's administration demanding improved student facilities such as adding more computers. Riot police contained the situation.

North Darfur

UNMIS has received a report that on 22 July, six armed men crossed the border from Chad and attacked a village in the Muzbat area (125 km north of Kutum), killing one SLA member. In retaliation, the SLA reportedly chased and killed the men.

On 24 July, the SLA stated that the Korma area (30 km southwest of Kafod and an area that the SLA claims to be under their control) was in urgent need of assistance and that vehicles carrying humanitarian supplies would not be allowed to pass through the area without sharing the supplies.

On 22 July, two WFP-marked commercial trucks on their way to Kutum were stopped by JEM who seized 14 cartons of vegetable oil then allowed the trucks to continue.

West Darfur

On 25 July in Sirba village, nomadic tribesmen handed over five men they abducted at a market from Reguelarmour village on 20 July. The five men are locked up in Sirba Police station under the custody of the GoS.

On 20 July armed tribesmen surrounded and attacked Regelamour market. Five people were kidnapped and another was severely beaten. The case was reported to Abusuruyi police station on 21 July.

Southern Sudan

(Juba): An attack was carried out during the night of 24-25 July in Gumbo village, 14 km SE of JUBA. Nine people were reportedly killed, including one SAF soldier and two children. Three people were reportedly wounded, including one SAF soldier. SAF and SPLA have agreed to a Joint Investigation with members of the CJMC to visit the site, accompanied by CoS JMCO/Acting Sector Commander. UN Sector Police have been requested to provide advice to local police on investigation procedures.

Political Affairs

On 25 July, the SRSG met with members of the Darfur Forum to discuss key issues for the next round of Darfur talks in Abuja. The SRSG encouraged the group to distinguish between short-term issues that could be discussed at the next round and longer-term issues that could await the outcome of the talks. He also encouraged the Forum to prepare for active participation in an inclusive Darfur-Darfur dialogue, due to be convened following the signing of a comprehensive agreement on Darfur.

During a public rally in Rumbek on 25 July, First Vice-President Garang stated that his priority, as well as that of the GNU, would be to resolve the questions of Darfur and the East, expel the Lord's Resistance Army from Equatoria and bring about democracy to enable political forces to participate in the interim Government. Garang also stated that following the promulgation of the interim constitution, there would be no militias in the South and SPLA troops would move to their camps so there would be no military presence among Southern Sudanese civilians. While promising development in the South within a year, he also stated that a top priority would be returning IDPs to their homes.

Following a ban of over one month, the independent Khartoum Monitor resumed publication on 24 July after the issuance of a Presidential decree lifting the ban.

A political rally was held in Kassala on 24 July by representatives of the SPLM/A, the Communist Party, the Umma Party and the Beja Congress, which drew between 400 and 500 people. All speakers called for a peaceful and just resolution to the unrest in Eastern Sudan and the rally ended without incident.

Civil Affairs

On 25 July, the OIC of the Abyei UNMIS office visited Agok village (45 km south of Abyei), and met the Commissioner and Executive Director of the SPLA in the area, along with members of the SPLM. The SPLM mentioned that the ABC decision was fair and should be implemented immediately. They also raised the issue of the lack of administration and government authority in the Abyei, which could lead to security problems. Moreover, SSDF was said to be still in Abyei, which fosters a climate of insecurity for the residents. They stressed that GoS should stop aiding the militia logistically and financially and that they should depart the area. The issue was also raised that the Dinka Ngok have land in Abyei and would need help from the international community to resettle there.

The teachers at Juba Day School, the only functioning English language school in Juba, returned to the classroom on 25 July after a one week strike. However, the problem that led to the strike has yet to be resolved. The Ministry of Education asked for an additional week to find the funds promised to the teachers over two months ago when they were asked to begin teaching a second session of school to accommodate the increasing number of returnee children. The teachers said they would give the Ministry of Education until 30 July to rectify the situation otherwise they would strike again from 1 Aug.

The Senior Gender Adviser met with the Director of El-Fasher Centre for Peace and Development of El-Fasher University to discuss areas of collaboration with the Centre and the holding of a ten-day workshop to train 50 young women on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 on "Women Peace and Security."

UNMIS Police

The Executive Course for the GoS and SPLM Police started in Sector Four, Kadugli on 25 July. Total participants were 22, 10 from SPLM and 12 from GoS.

Humanitarian Affairs:


North Darfur

The partial relocation from Abu Shouk to the new El-Salaam camp has been completed. A total of 22,630 IDPs have been relocated to the new site.

IRC has opened a Women's Development Centre in Abu Shouk camp, which will disseminate health messages, discuss reproductive health issues, provide support to SGBV survivors, and establish clubs for young female IDPs.


North Darfur

A recent survey conducted by ACF in Abu Shouk shows that the GAM rate for children under-five is 25.9 per cent and the SAM per cent.



On 25 July, IRC in coordination with Paguka Association distributed 130 blankets to two kindergarten schools at Soba Aradi.

UNMIS Military

Sector One (Juba)

Training on the Bailey bridge for the members of SAF and SPLM commenced on 25 July. The UNMIS Acting Sector commander and Major-General EL Mahi, SAF Area Commander, paid a visit to the training site and addressed the trainees.

Sector Three (Malakal)

The Head of UNMIS Malakal office, the Senior UNMO, the Liaison Officer and other sector personnel carried out a visit to Nasir to liaise with the parties/local authorities and identify a suitable location for a Team Site.