United Nations Sudan Situation Report 24-25 Jun 2005

Situation Report
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Key Developments
  • President Omer Al-Bashir is expected to receive on 26 June a copy of the draft of the Interim Constitution.

  • In Abuja, the Darfur peace talks made little progress over the weekend.
Security Issues

North Darfur

On 24 June, it was reported the alleged harassment of women at Shoba Mansour and harassment of IDPs by nomads south of Shoba Mansour.

On 25 June, reports were received by both the SLA and nomads of incidents of looting and other banditry activities in the area between Kabkabiya and the Omm check point. The SLA Commander in the area informed that the GoS would soon be using aircraft to fly supplies as they would not be able to use the road between Kabkabiya and El-Fasher.

South Darfur

Reports indicate that on 22 June a UN sub-contracted vehicle carrying food items from El Deain to Nyala was attacked by 8 armed persons suspected to be JEM at a place 7 km from Saniafundu. They took away two drums of diesel and some bags of sorghum. The GoS military pursued them and succeeded in capturing one of the bandits on 23 June at Um Tertier, 5 km west of Yassin. The suspect had AK 47 weapon and some bags of the looted sorghum. He is currently in military custody in Saniafundu.

On 25 June, the GoS Commander of the battalion deployed in the area reported that there were cases of the SLA smuggling arms to Menawashi and Abu Hamra during the night.

At Duma village, reports were received on 25 June of the murder of three IDPs by armed nomads during the week.

It was reported an allegation of harassment and looting of livestock by armed militias on 19 and 20 June.

Reports were received of an attack on Debiba village north of Alreel on 23 June.

West Darfur

On 24 June, it was reported of regular harassment by the armed tribesmen in the area outside the Kondobe village.

On 25 June, reports indicate that there was heavy exchange of fire along the Chadian border in the area between Masteri - Kango Haraza and around Tarbeba area between Sudanese nomads and Chadian nomads. The Sudanese nomads looted cattle and camels from across the Chadian border suspected to belong to the Chadians, prompting the Chadian to follow the cattles' tracks until they reached the area mentioned and exchanged fire. The security situation in the area is tense. The area is not cleared to any UN movement until the security situation returns to normal. NGOs who have six local staff in Masteri have been advised accordingly. Further information and update will be communicated soonest.

On 25 June, reports indicate that armed elements were alleged to have attacked Runju village 4 km south west of Sirba. The attackers were said to have made away with 39 livestock belonging to the villagers. A GoS policeman was also allegedly shot and killed by unknown armed attackers.

Reports were received of an alleged SLA attack on JEM forces at Iriba in the general area of Bamina on 22 June. The JEM Commander at Iriba camp informed that the JEM soldiers at Iriba were on high alert in their defensive positions because they were anticipating another SLA attack on their positions. He therefore informed that no member of JEM would leave his defensive position to attend to their investigation. He also warned not to use the only road to Kariari where the SLA is believed to be operating.

Eastern Sudan

On 23 June, reports indicate that GoS army troops paraded in Kassala town in the morning as show of force. Moreover, military helicopter gunship flew over Kassala for half an hour as routine training.

On 23 June, it was reported that police elements were ambushed approx 35 N.E of Hadalia, while chasing persons involved in criminal activity.

It was reported that on 25 June, two UN national staff were involved in a road traffic accident along Kassala-Khartoum road. The vehicle was heading to Khartoum when the accident happened. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident was injured and was evacuated to Griba hospital. A young girl about 10 years old who was standing near by was hit by stone thrown during the collision and was brought to Kassala hospital for treatment. The incident was reported to the police and investigation is ongoing.

On 25 June, a peaceful procession was held in the town of Kassala, conducted by NDA Group, supporting the peace agreement between NDA and GoS, signed last Friday in Cairo.

South Sudan

It has been reported that on 12 June in Pagyeri, approximately 160 km southeast of Juba, LRA elements attacked and killed a SPLM/A lieutenant. It was further reported that during the attack, LRA abducted three children and a woman, who managed to escape.

It was reported that on 18 June LRA elements clashed with the GoS army in Ilyangari village 64 km east of Juba. SAF MI was asked about the reports and denies any such incidents.

It was reported that GoS (Wali of Bahr Jebel and Commissioner of Tali - NW of Juba) and SPLM/A organized a joint Protection Force to escort the Dinka Bor for a safe return to their homelands heading from Western Equatoria. Following this action, it was further reported that the movements of Dinka Bor tribesmen with their cattle are ongoing safely without any incident. The vulnerable groups such as breastfeeding mothers, children, women and elderly people will stopover in Terkeka for assistance and continue to Bor by barge.

It has been reported that on 24 June LRA came to the Catholic seminary 15 km east of Juba and abducted an unknown number of persons, two of whom managed to escape.

Protection Issues

North Darfur

OCHA facilitated a meeting between the AU CivPol and camp elders in Tawila. Despite previously reported tensions, the meeting went well.

South Darfur

On 25 June a joint mission of one national and two international humanitarian agencies aiming to register IDPs in Al Mazroub (Adila locality) has been postponed due to the refusal of the SLA to allow the national NGO accessing this village. Adila locality remains largely inaccessible for humanitarian assistance.

Political Affairs

President Omer Al-Bashir is expected to receive on Monday a copy of the draft of the Interim Constitution which has been under discussion by the National Constitutional Review Commission (NCRC). The parliament is expected to discuss the draft constitution for the next eight consecutive days, before approving it and referring it for ratification, paving the way for the beginning of the interim period on 9 July.

In Abuja, the Darfur peace talks made little progress over the weekend as the parties could not come to terms with the content of the DoP. Outstanding issues include land use and relations between State and religion. The drafting committee ended the session last night without making any meaningful progress. The AU special envoy, Salim, plans to call for a meeting with the partners to discuss a course of action.

Civil Affairs

Unrest in El-Fasher University continues with reports of suspension of seven medical students for two years. It is not clear whether the student representatives were suspended for political reasons (since the students were Fur and Zaghawa and members of the Jebel Mara Association) or as a result of a series of events that began with leaking of examination papers.

The National Security Director called for a meeting of all Omdas of Abu Shouk on the case of the person who was arrested by national security and later released after being accused of speaking to the JIM Verification mission that visited Abu Shouk. According to one of the Omdas who attended the meeting, the National Security director apologized to the Omdas on the arrest of the person and each Omda was given 7000SD. The Omdas believe that National Security tries to maintain good relations with them to persuade them to mistrust the international community.

The Shilluk Reth convened a workshop on Shilluk Reconciliation and Development in Malakal from 20-23 June, in which Civil Affairs participated. The issue of Shilluk leadership remains a major divisive issue. The meeting was well attended, including by members of diaspora, but was shunned by a number of local Shilluk leaders. The GoS had previously announced that Pagan Ammun and Lam Akol would attend but they failed to appear. Members of the SPLM delegation in Malakal were present, as was GoS Commissioner of Tonga CDR Othow, who knelt before the Shilluk King and sought a pardon for his part in the destruction of much of the Shilluk Kingdom in early 2004.

Humanitarian Affairs

General Humanitarian

Upper Nile

A HAC and SRRC mission came to Malakal to arrange for the handover of HAC office to SRRC when the GNU is established. The Mission met with NGOs, UN agencies, local authorities and SPLM delegation in Malakal.


North Darfur

WFP installed rub halls in Malha, Birmaza and Saraf Omra in order to pre-position food for the rainy season.

Food assessments conducted in the drought-affected El Fasher and Korma rural areas by AHA and ACF show that almost 60,000 and 40,000 people respectively will be in need of food assistance in July. In addition, following the last inter-agency assessment, around 45,000 persons in Um Kedada will also need food assistance in July.

West Darfur:

WFP reported that its 23 June food distribution in Masteri occurred without incident. During the distribution, the two-thirds of the population who had so far opposed registration, and thus were not included in the distribution, indicated that they wanted to be registered.


White Nile

OCHA registered 107 Households (350 persons) on 23 and 25 June transiting through Kosti on their way to various locations in the south bringing the total number since 12 February to 5,082 HH (15,745 persons).