United Nations Sudan Situation Report 23 Jun 2006

from UN Country Team in Sudan
Published on 23 Jun 2006
Unified Mission Analysis Centre (UMAC)
United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
Khartoum, Sudan

- The Government of Uganda issued a press statement stating its readiness to negotiate with representatives of the Lord's Resistance Army, except those indicted by the ICC.

- Under Secretary-General Guehenno concludes his visit to Sudan

- An inter-agency mission to Kass and El Banjadeed confirmed the need for health, education and safe water


The Embassy of Uganda in Khartoum has issued a press statement, clarifying the position of the Government of Uganda (GoU) with respect to the proposed talks with the LRA. In summary, it stated that the GoU encouraged the initiative of the Government of South Sudan, however, it would not enter into direct talk with those LRA elements that had been indicted by the ICC. The GoU also said that it considered the LRA to be a regional problem affecting Uganda, DRC and UN Missions (UNMIS and MONUC), that should be tackled jointly and in the context of the ICC indictments.

Upon the conclusion of his visit to Sudan on 22 June, USG Guehenno met the Minister for Cabinet Affairs, Mr. Deng Alor. He also held a town hall meeting with UNMIS staff, debriefed the diplomatic community represented in Khartoum and hosted a joint press conference with the AU Commissioner, Mr. Said Djinnit.

During the initial round of talks between the Transitional Government of Somalia and the Islamic Courts movement, the two groups recognized each other and decided to hold further talks in Khartoum on July 15.

UNMIS Military:


a) The situation in Jonglei state (Sector III) remains tense.

b) Precautionary measures are still in effect in Sector I due to the possibility of banditry incidents and alleged LRA actions in the areas South, West and Northwest of Juba, as well as along the DRC border.


c) In Sector I, UNMOs monitored and verified a JIU in Labaluwa (04° 25'58"N 32°38'38"E) (10km NE of Torit).

d) In Sector II, UNMOs verified the movement of 321 SAF troops from El Mugalad (Darfur) to Aweil.

e) In Sector V, UNMOs verified SAF troops in the El Silak assembly area (11º06'19"N 33º42'32"E).

UNMIS Police:

In Malakal a multi-disciplinary UNMIS team visited Agok Police Station and noted the presence of an eight year old child in custody. The child, who had been responsible for tending to 20 cattle, lost two of them when they were chased off a field of groundnuts. UNMIS explained its concerns over child labour and suggested that the child be sent to school. The case will be closely monitored

Khartoum and Northern Sudan:

On 20 June, an Antonov 12 was tasked on a routine supply flight from El-Obeid to Juba. Approximately 10 minutes after take off, the pilot experienced problems at the controls due to shifting of cargo within the aircraft. He immediately took action to return to El-Obeid. During the return flight, part of the cargo slipped onto the rear cargo door which then broke open. As a result some of the cargo fell through the broken cargo door approximately 15 miles South of El-Obeid. The crew recorded the GPS coordinates of the location and safely landed the aircraft back at El-Obeid.

A security team was immediately dispatched to the recorded location where the cargo had fallen out of the aircraft. The team secured the location and reported that the cargo fell on un-inhabited/desert land and there was no loss of life or property.

The incident is under joint investigation by UNMIS Aviation Safety Unit and the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authorities (SCAA), which was immediately informed of the occurrence of the accident.

North Darfur:


South Darfur


- In a press statement issued on 21 June, the Wali of South Darfur told the Sahafa Daily newspaper that the South Darfur Government would launch a campaign to gather weapons from "outlaw militias" and bandits on 22 June. However, no mention was made of the Janjaweed or tribal militias.

- On 19 June, local residents in Yassin reported that 150 cattle had been stolen and a shepherd injured by armed bandits. While the security situation in Yassin town was good, it was not so in villages south and south-east of Sleah and Yassin. This, in turn, was impeding the return of IDPs to their villages. There is no Government police presence in Yassin and Sleah.


- On 20 and 21 June, an inter-agency mission visited Kass and El Banjadeed (a nomad settlement 75 km south-west of Kass) and confirmed earlier reports by the local Umda that there was a need for health, education and safe water. The nomads settled in the area in 1994, with agreement of the GoS, and in consultation with tribes living in the area. Since the signing of the DPA, all 36 tribes in the area have reportedly established a committee for peace.

- WHO reported an increase in bloody diarrhoea across all localities in South Darfur, from 1,224 last week to 1,466 this week. Coordination between health and watsan agencies to address water-borne diseases during the rainy season is being stepped up. To date 50% of the water sources in Nyala town have been chlorinated.


- Humanitarian agencies in Buram locality have reported about 30,000 refugees (8,000 families) in Dango from the Central African Republic. The information has been passed to UNHCR although no further details are currently available. UNDSS has been requested to assess the security situation to allow a humanitarian assessment mission.

West Darfur


- On 20 June, the AU in Nertiti conducted a fact finding patrol to Galol (north of Thur, Jebel Marra) and ascertained that the village was almost abandoned due to continuous attacks by militias. The team further reported that the security situation in the surrounding areas of Fuja and Wissa Mountain was tense. The AU team also observed a group of nomads on horses moving towards Galol. The nomads opened fire at SLA positions but when they saw the AU patrol they ran off. The AU will hold talks with leaders of the nomads and GoS commanders in Thur in an effort to persuade them to curtail the activities of the militias in Galol and neighbouring villages.

- At a meeting with the Wali on 21 June, humanitarian agencies were informed of GoS measures being taken in response to the recent spate of vehicle thefts and hijackings in Geneina. These will include the establishment of checkpoints and the creation of a special police reaction force to respond to future incidents. The moves were seen as a positive step and the beginning of a genuine attempt to address the problem.


- The issue of access in Mukjar has now been resolved. HAC and GoS police in Geneina have communicated with their counterparts in Mukjar, and humanitarians are now free to move outside the town.

- Terre des Hommes has signed an agreement to become camp coordinator for Dorti camp (Geneina) as of 26 June.

- SRC will hand over their clinic in Krinding (Geneina) to SC-US to be used as a school.

- MSF-CH has agreed to hand over their clinic in Kerenek camp to the SMoH and is considering to re-deploy to the north of Geneina in the Kulbus corridor.

Southern Sudan:


SPLA efforts to disarm militias and armed groups allied to Col. Peter Lorot in Chukudum Budi County, Eastern Equatoria, were reportedly met with stiff resistance. The groups ignored orders to disarm and threatened to fight. As a result, the County Commissioner has mobilized religious leaders and elders in the county, to negotiate with the groups on the possibility of reporting to SAF or SPLA bases.

Abyei, Blue Nile and South Kordofan:

NDO, ACAD and SC-US completed the distribution of seeds and tools to over 5,000 households in 41 locations. Farmers had been identified by the community in each location.

Public Information:

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