United Nations Sudan Situation Report 07 Jul 2006

Unified Mission Analysis Centre (UMAC)
United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)
Khartoum, Sudan

On 6 July, at a press conference in Khartoum, SRSG Pronk confirmed that the UNMIS presence in eastern Sudan would be phased out following the re-deployment of SPLA troops (Sit Rep 5 July).

On 6 July, President Museveni of Uganda ruled out handing over ICC indictee Joseph Kony to the Court if Kony were to come out himself , according to press reports. The comments came two days after the Ugandan presidential press secretary stated that the Government of Uganda would grant total amnesty to LRA leader Joseph Kony (Sit Rep 5 July).

Meanwhile, in the Hague, ICC Chief Prosecutor told a press conference that Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan have a legal obligation to execute ICC arrest warrants.



In Sector II, sectional fighting between Bhar El Naam (06=BA38 22 N/29=BA52 32 E, app. 30 km Southeast of Rumbek) and Pacong (06=BA41 45 N/29=BA49 00 E, app. 20 km Southeast of Rumbek) villages was reported. Comment: Further confirmation to follow, but the incident is suspected to be cattle fighting.

UNMIS Police:

UN Police Juba reported the arrest of two SAF soldiers who threatened detonate a hand grenade in Munuki village. The soldiers were over powered by an irate mob who beat them and then turned them over to local police.

Khartoum and Northern Sudan: NSTR

North Darfur


On 4 July, an AU Civpol officer (Nigerian) was reportedly arrested by Government Police for undisclosed reasons in El Fasher. He was later released, and the incident will be investigated. Humanitarian:

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, Unicef funded a one month training course on child centred teaching methods, peace education and HIV/AIDS prevention for 150 nomadic teachers in Kebkabiya.

South Darfur

Human Rights:

On July 6, UNMIS met with the prosecutor for a case involving an IDP arrested during the 29 May demonstrations in Otash IDP camp (6km northeast of Nyala) (Sit Rep 31 May). The IDP was arrested from Nyala Educational Hospital where he was being treated for a gun shot wound inflicted by Government forces during the demonstrations. He has been detained since 15 June in the Nyala Wasat police station. UNMIS sought to gain the detainee s release by bond as his health condition is critical. The prosecutor asked UNMIS to submit another official demand with accompanying documents. Comment: Under Article 83(1) of Sudan Criminal Procedures Act of 1991 arrestees have a right to receive appropriate medical care.

West Darfur:


On 5 July, Au CivPol reported an attack on Tarma village between the Hotiya and Naiyuba tribes. Five people were reported killed and two were seriously injured. Humanitarian:

In El Geneina, UNHAS and UNMIS helicopters are grounded due to the fact that Sudan Civil Aviation did not process the aircrafts registry even though the paperwork was submitted one month ago. Rotations have been suspended since 4 July. This severely impacts the movement of humanitarian activities to field sites. Protection:

On 5 July, a 17 year old girl was reportedly raped by a Government soldier while collecting firewood outside Hassa Hissa camp. The soldier is in police custody.

Southern Sudan

Human Rights:

On 6 July, UNMIS and OHCHR held a meeting with the South Sudan Human Rights Commission. Two workshops to collect inputs into the draft Bill of the South Sudan Human Rights Commission from civil society, community-based organizations and other stakeholders in Southern Sudan will be held. The workshops should be scheduled within the next six weeks as the Legislative Assembly resumes in September and the draft Bill should already be completed. Humanitarian:

On 5 July, during a security meeting, agencies were advised to take necessary precautions as night thefts have increased due to availability of arms, alcohol etc in Bor town. For example, on 3 July, armed robbers entered a UNHCR Rub-Hall and stole various items.

An international assessment team arrived in Kagulu to review the forestry project which their Governement supports. The assessment is in the midst of growing tension between the communities and the former SPLA committee which is managing the forestry project in Kagulu. The SPLA committee is allegedly selling the logs instead of the community. The chiefs in the area intervened in accordance to the Ministerial order to stop the deforestation, but this has continued.

Eastern Sudan: NSTR

Abyei, Blue Nile and South Kordofan

Civil Affairs:

On 5 July, UNMIS in Abyei met with representatives of Muglad-based civil society organizations (CSO). The CSO expressed concerned that UNMIS and UN agencies were not providing development and humanitarian aid for the people north of Abyei, and that most projects and humanitarian aid only targeted the Dinkas and those settlements south of Abyei. They stressed that their people in the north felt marginalized, and this could lead to problems for all the agencies operating in Abyei. On its part, UNMIS explained that it had been denied access north of Abyei and as a result, was unable to provide assistance until the denial of access was resolved.

On 5 July, during a joint assessment mission from Kadulgi to Al Shair Tomat, the people in the area claimed that the land from Kadugli airport to Kadugli town belonged to their great grand fathers, and that the authorities did not consult the community before building the airport. The people of Al Shair Tomat demanded compensation and are afraid that the airport may be expanded. In addition, they were told to vacate the surrounding areas.

Restriction of Movement: NSTR

Safety of Personnel: NSTR

Casualties: No casualties reported