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UNHCR Sudan Country Strategy Evaluation, February 2022




This country strategy evaluation (CSE) was requested by UNHCR’s Representative in Sudan, with the purpose of informing UNHCR’s multi-year strategic plan (MYSP) for Sudan from 2023. It is a formative learning-oriented evaluation with a strong forward-looking orientation. The evaluation is also intended to inform and support programming during 2022, and to strengthen UNHCR’s adaptability to the dynamic political context in Sudan and in the wider region. The principal intended users of the evaluation are UNHCR staff in Sudan, especially senior management, as well as the UNHCR Regional Bureau.

The objectives of the evaluation – drawing on the Terms of Reference (TOR) (see Annex 1) and its three high-level evaluation questions, marginally amended during the inception phase - are as follows:

(1) Evaluate the relevance of UNHCR’s strategies and operation in Sudan, in relation to the wider policy context, needs and rights of POCs and host communities, and in relation to its partners

(2) Assess UNHCR’s performance in contributing to strategic and operational outcomes – its effectiveness

(3) Evaluate UNHCR’s strategic engagement with partners to deliver its vision – coherence (chapter 6, which summarises a longer, standalone analysis of UNHCR’s strategic partnerships)

(4) Provide forward-looking strategic and operational recommendations to inform prioritization and strategic direction in the intermediate and longer-term including the 2023 MYSP