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UNHCR Sudan 2018 Participatory Assessment Report


4. Introduction

The 2018 Participatory Assessment (PA) in Sudan was conducted in November and December 2018 in Khartoum, Kassala, White Nile, South Kordofan, West Kordofan, South Darfur, East Darfur, North Darfur and Central Darfur States.
A total of 7,881 refugees were consulted during the 2018 exercise. The exercise was facilitated by UNHCR, with participation and engagement from the Government of Sudan’s Commission for Refugees (COR) and over 40 inter-agency UN, international non-governmental organization (INGO) and national non-governmental organization (NGO) partners.
The PA exercise is designed to gather first-hand information on protection concerns of refugees and asylum-seekers in Sudan. The exercise jointly identifies and analyses protection risks with refugees to better understand their capacities and their proposed solutions through structured dialogue.
The PA exercise helps to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are at the centre of decisionmaking concerning their protection and welfare while in Sudan. This is a participatory process, and key findings are disaggregated by age, gender and diversity, where feasible. This process forms a key part of UNHCR’s accountability to affected populations in Sudan. The PA is one phase of a comprehensive situation analysis for UNHCR operations.