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UNHCR East and Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes Region COVID-19 External Update #15 (1- 22 July 2020)

Situation Report
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Operational Context

The COVID-19 situation in the East and Horn of Africa, and the Great Lakes (EHAGL) region continues to evolve. While so far there has been no large-scale outbreak in the approximately 100 refugee camps and settlements in the region, 4.6 million refugees and their host communities are at risk, as are some 8.1 million IDPs. The need for preparedness remains urgent as local transmission is ongoing and cases are still rising in all countries of the region. Governments have put in place various measures to contain the spread of the virus and are periodically announcing changes to movement and other restrictions.

The airspace in the region is gradually opening with airports in Kenya and Rwanda to resume international flights on 1 August while Sudan is already partially open. Djibouti resumed international flights on 18 July. Airports in Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda remain closed to commercial flights but remain open to cargo flights and the movement of humanitarian staff.

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the region is plagued by multiple crises including political instability, armed conflict, and climate related disasters. The rainy season has led to increased humanitarian needs in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan as a result of additional displacement due to flooding and landslides. As of 21 July, there were 50,420 confirmed COVID-19 cases in all countries in the EHAGL region.