UNAMID delivers medical and humanitarian aid to Ein Siro, North Darfur State

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The Spokesperson of the Joint United Nations and African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), Nour El Din Al Mazni, said the Mission has sent an investigative team and medical personnel to deliver medicine and other humanitarian aid to Ein Siro in North Darfur State. Ein Siro is an area that recently witnessed clashes between the Sudan Armed Forces and fighters of the rebel group, the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM)- Abdul Wahid Nour Faction.

Al Mazni told Miraya FM that access to the area was granted on Sunday after the Mission appealed for entry. The investigative team has since submitted a report documenting the situation in Ein Siro.

The Spokesperson added that UNAMID is continually requesting access to SLM-Abdul Wahid Nour Faction strongholds, in order to undertake Mission duties for the welfare of the people of Darfur.

Earlier, the SLM-Abdul Wahid Nour Faction called on UNAMID to intervene and rescue civilians from aerial bombings in Kutum, North Darfur.