UNAMID assists displaced persons extinguish fire at El Neem camp, East Darfur

from UN-AU Mission in Darfur
Published on 22 Mar 2018 View Original

On 17 March 2018, more than 2500 families were affected by a fire that ravaged parts of El Neem C for internally displaced persons, in East Darfur.

A UNAMD Team, led by Mr. Innih Akpan, Officer in Charge, East Darfur office, visited the Camp to identify the damage and losses caused by the fire.

Speaking on behalf of the elders, Sheikh Usman Abdulrahman, indicated that the fire broke out when a woman was preparing a meal. The flame apparently rapidly spread, due to windy weather (Haboub), to the surrounding houses and the market, which all caught the blaze and were burnt to ashes.

Mr. Abdulrahman estimated that the losses of property, grain and general livelihood could amount to around 200,000 Sudanese pounds. “We extend our gratitude to UNAMID for its warm gesture of dispatching fire fighters and fire engines to assist in the efforts to extinguish the flames and prevent further damages,” Sheikh Abdulrahman stated.

UNAMID is organising a meeting with the UN family and other humanitarian actors in East Darfur to agree on a concerted line of intervention and support to the affected communities.