UN SLFs organizes capacity building training workshop for Sudanese female police officers in North Darfur

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United Nations State Liaison Functions (UNSLFs) in North Darfur in collaboration with UNICEF and Family and Child Protection Unit of North Darfur State on 12 November 2019 launched a five-day training workshop on the management of Family and Child Protection Unit (FCPU) desks and Gender Sensitive Approach to policing, human rights, sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) and standard operating procedures for Government of Sudan (GoS) female police officers in North Darfur.

The training workshop held in El Fasher, targeting 50 GoS female police officers, including 34 investigators and 16 social workers, aimed at strengthening the capacity of the participants and their delivery qualities.

In his opening remarks, Brig. Gen. Abdul Illah Ali Mohamed, on behalf of North Darfur Police Commissioner, expressed appreciation to UNAMID and UNICEF for their continuous support to Sudan Police component in North Darfur and commended the fruitful cooperation with both organizations. “We were able to benefit from several capacity building programs through the good partnership with UNAMID and UNICEF, the support which helped our officers to improve the quality of services they deliver to the citizens,” said Gen. Mohammed.

He emphasized that the participants for the training were selected from only female component because of the key role women play in the society, adding that they are pillars of the family as they represent the backbone of the society, without which no society can sustain.

He urged the participants to take advantage of the training to strengthen their capacities and to be ready to share with their colleagues the knowledge they would acquire from different sessions of the training.

In his remarks, Mr. Abdullah Fadil, UNICEF Country Director in Sudan on behalf of UN SLFs, welcomed the huge participation of female police officers in the workshop, describing the role of woman in the protection of the family and child as pivotal.

He commended the long and fruitful partnership between UNICEF and Sudan Police Component, especially the family and child protection Unit. He further stated that UNAMID and UNICEF would continue to provide adequate support to family and child protection units in all the State’ localities to help them discharge their human and rule of law responsibilities.

Mr. Fadil assured the participants that UNICEF would remain supportive to their efforts after the eventual exit of UNAMID from Darfur, indicating that Sudan is passing on through a critical moment which require joint efforts from all the partners and people of Sudan to help the country achieve its targeted goals.

He called on the participants to make the best use of the opportunity to foster their knowledge and experiences to provide adequate protection to family and children in the State.

Lt. Col. Abulhassan Al Obeid, Director of Family and Child Protection Unit in North Darfur, expressed his gratitude to UNAMID and UNICEF for providing the training. He indicated that the family and child protection unit was established in North Darfur in 2008 and that the current premises of the unit in El Fasher which was inaugurated in 2015 was constructed by UNAMID.