UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 28 May 2007

UN-AU police discuss security with GoS after Darfur killing

A joint UN Police Light Support Package (LSP) and AMIS police team visited the Government of Sudan (GoS) police high command in El Fasher on 27 May to discuss additional security measures and the ongoing investigation following the killing of an UNMIS military staff officer in the city on 25 May. The local police chief for Darfur North expressed willingness to cooperate with AMIS Police and UN LSP Police.

The UNMIS Force Commander visited El Fasher on 27 May to express support to UNMIS military colleagues serving there under the Light Support Package. He also met with the Wali of North Darfur, who offered his condolences to UNMIS and assured the Force Commander that he would step up security around houses used by UNMIS staff in the town.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

North Darfur

The Non-Signatory Factions impounded on 27 May an AMIS helicopter in Umm Hosh (150 kilometres northwest of El Fasher). The helicopter was sent to investigate the alleged 19 May GoS bombing in the area. The UN, on behalf of the AU, negotiated the release of the helicopter, which was then allowed to leave.

Armed bandits entered the compound of an INGO in Kutum (100 kilometres northwest of El Fasher) on 27 May, demanded the keys to its vehicle and forcefully took the car and a driver. After being notified of the incident, National Security officers in Kutum followed the vehicle's tracks and subsequently recovered it.

West Darfur

Unidentified armed men carjacked an INGO's rented truck between Um Kher and Tamer (110 kilometres south of El Geneina) on 26 May. A driver was taken with the vehicle and is still missing.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Southern Sudan and Transitional Areas

UNMIS Ed Damazin, Blue Nile state, facilitated a meeting of political parties on 27 May to begin dialogue and discuss the role of political parties in the peace process, census and popular consultations. They agreed to hold monthly meetings as a discussion forum for political parties in the state.

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