UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 21 May 2007

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

North Darfur

On 19 May, fighting reportedly took place between a rebel group and Government forces in the Rockero area. No information is available on number of casualties.

On 17 May, Tawilla inhabitants complained of harassment by armed men suspected to belong to SLA-Minni Minawi. As a result, 20 families reportedly left Tawilla for El Fasher in April.

On 17 May, FAO sent a team to verify reports of suspected infection of camels by tick paralysis in Abu Gamera and villages north of Kabkabiya, including Gadara, Gelly, Abu Sinat and Dowa. Out of 2,000 camels in the Abu Gamera area, 1,400 were reportedly infected and 57 have died, while in the north Kabkabiya area, 625 were infected and 75 died as a result of the disease.

The State Water Corporation Chlorination Committee has organized an ongoing chlorination of water points in El Fasher, including the chlorination of privately owned hand dug wells.

South Darfur:

On 20 May, it was reported that 70 families from the villages of Sesseban, (50 km South West of Tullus), Khorshaman, (25 km South West of Tullus), Umm Sakeikini (15 km South West of Tullus) and Umm Bereida, were present in Al Salam IDP Camp. The newly arrived IDPs said they fled their villages after an attack on 12 May by armed Arab militia. In addition, 38 families arrived on 20 May to Al Salam Camp on two trucks.

West Darfur

On 19 May, fighting took place between the Local Defense Force in Abu Surug (35km North of El Geneina) and about 120 armed men, suspected to be Arab Militia. The circumstances of the fighting are not clear and the number of casualties is not known.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Southern Sudan and the Transitional Areas

UNMIS was informed by SPLA that a group of LRA rebels had recently abducted four civilians at a village called Dimo (15 Km North of Yei), Central Equatoria State. A team of negotiators led by South Sudan Information Minister and an LRA Brigadier General went to the area on 19 May to negotiate the release of the civilians.

The WHO identified five suspected cases of measles in Abyei hospital. All the patients are from Gole village. A team from GOAL, the Ministry of Health and WHO has visited the area to verify

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the cases and vaccinate all children between 6 months and 15 years of age, in case the disease is confirmed.

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