UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 21 Jun 2007

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Acting ASRSG Zerihoun concludes a two-day visit to Darfur

Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan Tayé-Brook Zerihoun concluded today a two-day visit to the capital of the three Darfur States, Nyala, El Geneina, and El Fasher. During the visit, ASRSG Zerihoun met with UN staff to brief them on the recent agreement on the deployment of a hybrid operation in Darfur as well as the need to streamline existing UNMIS activities in Darfur and the coordination of UN support to AMIS in preparation for the hybrid operation.

The ASRSG also met with the local Government officials of the three Darfur States and discussed with them the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur and recent developments regarding the political process, UN support to AMIS in the context of the Light and Heavy Supports Packages as well as the agreement on the hybrid operation.

The ASRSG also met AMIS Senior officials and discussed with them the AU-UN partnership in reviving the Darfur political process and in implementing the UN Support Packages and the hybrid operation.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Southern Sudan and the Transitional Areas On 20 June, clashes were reported between two rival groups of Al Fursan tribe in Raja, Western Bahr El Ghazal state.

In Jonglei, on 18 June, on the outskirts of Waat (300 km South of Malakal), Upper Nile State, a drunken SPLA soldier opened fire and killed seven people (1 SPLA soldier, 6 civilians including 3 women) and wounded three others, while some SPLA soldiers were reportedly celebrating receiving salaries after a gap of seven months. The drunken soldier was shot dead by another SPLA soldier.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

North Darfur

OCHA held a meeting for partners already working or interested in working in Tawilla (North Darfur). An international organization is carrying out health, water, and sanitation activities in Tawilla camp, North Darfur. WHO has offered to train medical staff from Tawilla on cholera preparedness. An INGO will provide a list of villages covered by the second round of polio vaccination in the area, as the third round needs to be completed by the beginning of July.

South Darfur

On 19 June, an INGO hired vehicle traveling from El Deain to El Ferdous camp (60 km South West of El Deain) with five staff members on board was shot at by an unknown armed man. One staff member was injured by from broken glass. The incident was reported to the local authorities and the INGO team was escorted by the GoS police and Humanitarian Affairs Commission back to Al Deain.

WHO has renewed its contract with Gereida hospital until November 2007, and will continue to provide medical supplies. UNICEF will continue its support to three bores holes in Gereida. WES has technical staff based in Gereida and UNICEF is supplying the fuel, lubricants and spare parts.

An INGO will distribute Non-Food Items (NFIs) in El Sereif camp on 20 June, targeting 2,429 households (13,857 IDPs).

West Darfur

On 19 June, an INGO convoy of two vehicles with five staff members was stopped by two unknown armed men between Nginyo and Delij (52 km from South of Zalingei). They were robbed of personal effects and communication equipment. They were released unharmed and proceeded to Garsila and reported the incident to the police.

On 19 June, UNDSS received a report of a car jacking of an INGO vehicle with four staff members on board in Gorno (60km North East of Zalingei). All staff members as well as the vehicle have been rescued by the Government Police.

On 18 June, a convoy of Government police (Central Reserve Police) traveling from El Geneina to a location near Sirba was attacked West of Sirba. Reportedly, a Government policeman was killed and 2 others injured, and two police vehicles were taken by the attackers. There are conflicting reports on the circumstances of the attack on the Government police convoy and the identity of the attackers.

On 18 to 19 June, UNHCR moved 301 Chadian refugees from the Arara area to Um Shalaya camp. This is the last movement until the end of the rainy season as the roads have become impassable in some of the riverbeds.

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