UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 13 Mar 2007

National Security calls meeting to improve delivery of humanitarian assistance

The Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service of Sudan, Salah Goush yesterday called a "brainstorming meeting" to address challenges faced by humanitarian organizations in carrying out their activities in Sudan. The overall objective was to improve implementation of humanitarian assistance by examining ways in which the Government of Sudan and humanitarian agencies can cooperate better on the ground.

The meeting, held in Khartoum, was attended by the UNMIS Acting SRSG in Sudan Tayé-Brook Zerihoun, the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator, and the UNMIS Chief Security Adviser. Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Zerihoun welcomed the National Security initiative and expressed the hope that commitments made during the meeting will translate into an improvement of the situation on the ground.

Some 50 national and international NGOs attended the meeting. They were assured that Government agencies would work to ensure a better cooperative environment in Darfur. All Government departments, with a role in cooperating with humanitarian organizations on the ground, were also present, including heads of the Customs department, Military Intelligence and Security, as well as senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC).

The meeting agreed to convene periodic quarterly meetings and follow up specific issues facing the humanitarian community with the different services.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

South Darfur

Two incidents of carjacking took place near el Deain some 100 kilometers SE of Nyala. The incidents occurred in 10 minutes of one another and involved a GoS military vehicle and another belonging to National Security. A UN-INGO convoy to Marla/Kalahit villages was stopped at gunpoint by three armed who relieved the two INGO staff members, in the lead car, of all their valuables before letting them off.

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