UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 11 Jun 2007

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Southern Sudan and the Transitional Areas

On 9 June, a group of around 300 SPLA soldiers with disabilities, who have not received monthly salaries for the past 7 months, demonstrated in front of the SPLA offices in Kurmuk, Blue Nile State. They threw stones on the offices and injured 5 officers who were admitted to the local hospital.

On 10 June, the Commissioner of Kurmuk said that 200 out of the 300 SPLA soldiers who demonstrated for non-payment of salaries were arrested. A search is on for the rest of the soldiers.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

North Darfur

On 8 June 2007, a group of Arab Militia allegedly attacked a common water point utilized by people from the village of Ahmar (40 km North East of Kutum). Two (2) civilians were reported killed and three (3) others wounded during the raid.

West Darfur

Reports indicate that on 9 June, Arab militia killed three civilians in the outskirts of Sileia, (70 Km North of El Geneina) and three other civilians on their way to Gozmino on 8 June.

On 9 June, Sudan Armed Forces and Arab militia reportedly attacked the villages of Sumo and Kenanga (5 Km North of Nertiti). Reports indicate that one civilian was killed, two were injured and Sumo village was burnt down. The attack was followed by fighting between SAF and the SLA/Abdulwahid Nur faction in the area. On 10 June, the SAF was reported to have launched an attack against SLA/Abdulwahid Nur faction.

On 10 June, GoS soldiers went inside Zalingei market and requested the traders to close their shops, go back home and stay indoors. INGOs were instructed to stay in their compounds and their vehicles were also not allowed to leave for Nertiti. According to the SAF, there measures were due to information of an imminent attack by Janjaweed militia on Nertiti.

On 10 June, six IDPs from Hassa Hissa Camp went to the Wadi (River bed) area, (five km from Zalingei) to collect firewood. While returning five of they were abducted by three Arab militiamen who later released them after of a ransom.

An increase in cases of diarrhea in Mukjar due to unhygienic food handling was reported. INGOs in the area are launching a health and hygiene sensitization campaign through community workers. It was also reported that the number of children suffering from severe malnutrition in Um Dhukum is increasing.

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