UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 07 Jun 2007

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The UN Secretary-General presents to the Security Council the Joint AU-UN report on the Hybrid operation in Darfur

In a letter dated 5 June 2007, the Secretary-General submitted to the Security Council the joint AUUN report on the hybrid operation in Darfur.

In his letter, the UN Secretary-General informed the Security Council that the Chairperson of the African Union Commission was taking appropriate steps to submit the report to the members of the African Union Peace and Security Council.

Prior to its submission to the Security Council, the report was transmitted on 4 June by the UN Secretary-General to President Omar Al Bashir.

A joint UN-AU consultative meeting with the Government of Sudan on the hybrid operation will take place in Addis Ababa on 11 and 12 June.

Scheduled Darfur-related activities of the UN Security Council

In his briefing to the press on 4 June, the Security Council President for the month of June, Ambassador Johan Verbeke of Belgium, announced that the Council 15 members will leave New York on 14 June for a week-long visit to Africa. The visit will include Accra, Ghana (15 June), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (16 June), Khartoum, Sudan (17 June), Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire (18 June) and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (19 June).

Prior to its visit to Khartoum, the Security Council will be briefed on 8 June by UN Secretary- General Special Envoy for Darfur Jan Eliasson and will hold consultations on Sudan on 13 June.

UNMIS Rule of Law assists in promoting the CPA and continues its capacity building activities

During the month of May, UNMIS Rule of Law Unit conducted CPA training in Abyei for Misseriya and Dinka chiefs, community leaders, Joint Integrated Units, and UN and NGOs' personnel. The training focused on improving knowledge about the general provisions of the CPA and specific knowledge of the Provisions for Abyei.

The Rule of Law Unit and Legal Affairs conducted a similar CPA briefing in Southern Kordofan.

Under a Rule of Law-brokered Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the GoSS Prisons Service and the Prisons Service of Kenya, 40 GoSS Prisons Officers departed Juba on 28 May to undergo a three-month basic senior prison management course at the Kenya Prisons Service Staff College in Nairobi.

Between 15 and 29 of May, the Public Grievances and Corrections Board, in cooperation with the Rule of Law Unit, conducted a series of training workshops on administrative oversight of the Civil Service. In addition to staff of the Public Grievances and Corrections Board, participants included officials from the National and Khartoum State Judiciary, the Auditor General's Chamber, the Presidency, and the Ministry of Finance.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Southern Sudan and the Transitional Areas

The Kenya High Risk De-mining Company (KHRDC) completed the disposal of stockpiles of Unexploded Ordinances (UXOs) on 5 June, at Gogrial, in Warrab State. A total of six major stockpiles and 15 tons of assorted explosives were destroyed. The team will remain in the area to perform environmental clearing before they depart from Gogrial for Wau.

With the global seed distribution well underway in most parts of southern Sudan, FAO and NGOs distributed seeds and implements to a total of 43,295 families, mainly returnees and their host communities. The families benefited from the distribution of 325 tonnes of crop seeds, 167 518 common hand tools, 93 kilograms of vegetable seeds and 980 fishing kits. The distribution took place in Unity, Upper Nile, Lakes, Warrap, Northern and Western Bahr el Ghazal States. FAO also organized two training sessions (Wau and Rumbek) in draft animal power cultivation. A total of 56 farmers and 98 oxen owners were trained and 98 Ox ploughs were distributed to the farmers.

In Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, IOM distributed to date 4,368 Non Food Items (NFIs) kits in Aweil East, West and North counties. IOM is also planning to preposition 500 plastic sheets in Malualkon and Gok Machar for the rainy season. Concern also distributed 2,352 NFIs kits among the beneficiaries in Aweil West and North since February 2007 till date and will preposition 1,008 kits for the rainy season.

On 4 June, the Ministry of Health, in conjunction with UNFPA, started to roll-out the Training on Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) of health workers from Upper Nile, Northern Bahr El Gazal, Lakes and Jonglei States over a period of one month.

The training on Voluntary Counseling and Testing, and Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV, organized by UNFPA, kicked off on 4 June, targeting all UN agencies and NGOs involved in counseling programmes. The aim is to strengthen UN agencies and NGOs capacity in addressing reproductive health considerations in HIV/AIDS programming.

A State Strategic Planning workshop supported by UNDP was held in Bentiu, Unity State from 28 to 30 May. The workshop aimed at facilitating a meeting of all stakeholders, including State Ministries, Counties, UN Agencies, national and international NGOs, civil society organizations, community-based organizations and the private sector operating in the State to deliberate on development problems, challenges and priorities of the State; strategies to address the problems identified; mapping of resource availability - both internal and external; and the formulation of partnership strategies for the implementation of the plan.

Training for Human Rights Monitors of the Southern Sudan Human Rights Commission started on 15 May and will run for approximately six weeks. The training is supported by UNDP and UNMIS.

Security and Humanitarian Developments in Darfur

North Darfur

On 5 June, UNDP completed a two-day workshop on psychosocial support and convention on the rights of the child for 22 paralegal staff of INGOs and UN Agencies.

On 5 June, and INGO officially launched the Literacy Programme for 882 youths registered in Zam Zam, Abu Shouk and Al Salaam camps.

South Darfur

On 5 June, two armed men entered a house in Hassa Hissa, threatened the residents and stole personal belongings. On the same night another house was shot at but no one was injured. The community is also very concerned for the safety of the staff of an NGO based at the pumping station in the riverbed due to an increased presence of armed nomads around the camp.

West Darfur

On 4 June, a two-car UN and an INGO convoy on its way to Agoura village (30 km North of El Geneina) for a food security assessment mission was stopped at gunpoint by ten unknown armed men who robbed the staff on board of their belongings. The attackers drove away with the two cars with the UN and staff on board. One of the vehicles overturned and rolled over. The hijackers managed to restart the engine, leaving the staff members lying on the road, and drove away for a short distance before abandoning the vehicle. The remaining staff members and the other vehicle were also abandoned in the general area of KirKir village located 18 km from Nagoura. All the staff members were located and the vehicles were recovered and returned to El Geneina with the assistance of National Security.

On 4 June, three armed men killed a man in Hamidiya camp in Zalingei. The local police is investigating the incident.

Three trucks carrying women, children and few men arrived in Umm Dukhun (220 km South of Zalingei) on 4 June. The IDPs indicated that they fled fighting in Dafaq area in South Darfur.

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