UN Mission in Sudan News Bulletin - 03 Jun 2007

UNMIS assists in putting out blaze in Juba market

A major fire broke out in Juba's main marketplace on 31 May, destroying eight shops and injuring more than 15 people. Dozens of firefighters, engineers and doctors from UNMIS rushed to the scene to assist local authorities in bringing the fire under control about two and a half hours later.

The fire started in a shop which sold petrol, according to UNMIS Captain Hoque Naim. It then swept across neighboring shops in the marketplace, known locally as "Customs Market."

Seven officers and 60 soldiers from the UN's peacekeeping forces went to the scene, bringing along eight water tankers, an excavator, an engineering unit, two doctors and three medical personnel.

Humanitarian and Security Situation in Darfur

North Darfur

Armed Rezeigat Abbala killed a Tarjem tribesman in Karo Karo village (50 kilometres west of Nyala) on 30 May. The next day, a Tarjem search party clashed with a group of Abbala and killed two of them. Government of Sudan police informed UNMIS that they had sent a force to the area to defuse tension and maintain security.

South Darfur

Two unknown men, one armed with a rifle and the other with a wooden truncheon, attacked a convoy of three vehicles with four INGO staff members and several casual workers east of Maali (40 kilometres northwest of Ed Deain) on 30 May. The armed man fired several shots in the air to stop the convoy. He then pointed his weapon at one of the staff, while his accomplice looted 48,800 SD, a mobile phone and a Thuraya satellite phone. The convoy was allowed to proceed and no casualties were reported.

West Darfur

Unknown armed men attempted to carjack an INGO rented Land Cruiser heading toward Azerni (30 kilometres southwest of El Geneina). The driver immediately turned around and with a second staff member managed to reach El Geneina safely.

Two missing INGO staff who were abducted with their vehicle on 30 May returned to their organization on 31 May. The carjackers dropped them unharmed close to Nyagadulo (26 kilometres northwest of Zalingei) and they were able to reach the town after walking for an hour and a half. A UNDSS and International Red Cross recovery team with police escort brought them back to Zalingei.

Humanitarian and Security Situation in Southern Sudan and Transitional Areas

A joint delegation of Lakes State authorities and UN officials visited Malueth, Rumbek North, to assess conflict in the area between the Agar tribe of Pakam, Lakes state and the Luac tribe of Makuac, Warrab state. The Lakes state delegation urged the community to leave the problem to the authorities, but residents complained that they had been disarmed and were now vulnerable to attack. The state authorities said they would assign extra security personnel to the area and arrest individuals who were causing the conflict.

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