UN-facilitated consultations on a political process for Sudan engage Darfur stakeholders' representatives

UNITAMS made further concrete steps to broaden the scope of consultations process launched earlier this month, with emphasis on engaging groups in all states of Sudan. SRSG Volker Perthes led a full day of consultations sessions, on Monday, with several Darfur-based groups including Darfur Resistance Committees, Darfur Women’s Groups, Darfur IDP representatives and Mr. Gibril Ibrahim, head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). Earlier this week the SRSG and UNITAMS team held sessions with representatives from MANSAM, the Baath Arab Socialist Party and Mr. Alsadiq Samal, a vocal Sudanese activist and parent of martyr.

Sudanese women’s strong participation in these sessions marks UNITAMS commitment to engaging women’s rights leaders and women’s groups in these processes as well as ensuring their voices, views and vision are documented and heard. UNITAMS continues to call for the meaningful representation of women across political, civil and armed groups who are part of the consultations.

Sudanese stakeholders continue to offer valuable and concrete suggestions on overcoming the current political impasse. UNITAMS strives to collect and document the proposals Sudanese stakeholders present during these consultations.. “Our role at this stage is to hear Sudanese stakeholders and ensure that we actively listen to their views and document their visions and suggestions”, said Stephanie Khoury, Director of Political Affairs Office at UNITAMS.

During the next few days, additional consultations will be held with representatives of various Sudanese stakeholders.