Two killed in attacks on displaced in Darfur

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Two persons were shot dead in an attack by militiamen on villagers who returned to villages in northern Jebel Marra on Tuesday. Five others sustained injuries. Firewood collectors were shot at in Gireida, South Darfur, on Thursday.

The coordinator of the camps for displaced people in Kabkabiya locality told Radio Dabanga that militiamen under the command of militia leader Badr Abu Kineish, driving Land Cruisers, ambushed people on their way to return to the villages of Tiyo and Fala as they were coming from one of the camps. “Their goal was to take the remaining provisions they carried.”

Mohamed Saeed Muhajir and Adam Rujal from Tiyo were killed. Five villagers from Fala, including three women, were injured. The coordinator said that the militiamen detained five persons, whom they took to an unknown destination.

In another attack on displaced people on Thursday, five gunmen fired on a group of women from a distance, including Fatima Kaltum Mohamed Ali, at Khor Tawila in Gireida locality, South Darfur. The women were collecting firewood on a cart at the time of the shooting, the coordinator explained, adding that the gunmen seized their cart. The injured women were transferred to the health centre in Gireida for treatment.