Traders 'incapable' of distributing food to North Darfur displaced

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The internally displaced people living in camp Zamzam near El Fasher in North Darfur are “facing a food crisis” as a result of the delay of their food rations, which were supposed to come in on January 7 the latest.

One of the activists told Radio Dabanga from camp Zamzam that the about 117,540 displaced are seriously concerned. The lack of food in the state together with bad security conditions resulted in high food prices. Besides, the task of distributing food rations has been taken over from the World Food Program (WFP) by traders. “This proves that the traders are incapable of providing the food on time,” he said.

The activist added that the displaced people have refused to task traders with the food provision, “however it was the WFP that forced them to approve it.” He demanded the organisation to review its decision and restore the situation: back to WFP in control of the food distribution.

Shortcomings in Zamzam

On the other hand, the camp residents have complained that there are not enough covers, especially blankets, for the harsh winter weather. “We do not have the money to buy them because the price of a blanket ranges between SDG350 to 400 ($61 - $70),” a resident told. “The majority of the old and new camp residents lack blankets and clothes, which led to the spread of cold diseases such as coughing and diarrhoea, particularly among children and the elderly.”

According to the residents, there are also not enough health centres and medicines, and there is a deterioration in sanitation, which led to the spread of flies and mosquitoes.