Threat of famine in Sudan - long term help from "Kids for Kids"

KIDS FOR KIDS was launched this spring to help people help themselves. It is raising money to provide long term, self sustaining, community led projects aimed at helping the children of the poorest families in Sudan. The campaign will raise funds for vital work to help people in Darfur, in the west of Sudan, an area almost forgotten by the international community, yet three times larger than the United Kingdom. KIDS FOR KIDS projects include the loan of goats to families , a simple project that transforms peoples lives.. This work will benefit people in an area where the World Food Programme has warned that the drought has hit with 'unprecedented severity' and that 'this year is different as parts of the country are experiencing the driest season in living memory ... food supplies will run out' (Source: WFP press release 29.3.01).
KIDS FOR KIDS founder, Patricia Parker MBE explains, "I have just returned from Darfur, in the West, where the drought is hitting hardest. There is no surface water at all in north Darfur. The villagers, mostly farmers, are already facing starvation. The rains failed eleven months ago and there has been none since.

"I have founded KIDS FOR KIDS to help in the long term. Governments must act to provide urgent food aid, but KIDS FOR KIDS is helping people to help themselves. SAVE THE CHILDREN has pioneered the Revolving Goat Project, where five goats are lent to a poor family for two years, after which, the same five goats go to another family in need, and another, and another. A goat lives about 15 years. During the time the goats are with the family the milk feeds the children, and the kids (desert goats normally have twins) belong to the family. Such a simple self-help scheme enables children to eat and to go to school. The women who took part in the first Goat Project in Darfur have gained self respect and status within their villages, and in their turn help other families. It is not a question of charity, it is helping the poorest of the poor to help themselves.

"I met a small nine year old child outside El Sayah who walks seven hours to reach a hand pump, and then seven hours back - three or four times a week. This is not acceptable. Where he lives is now desert. Yet I saw the desert turn green where there was one artesian well, the water was not far beneath my feet. There is urgent need for 300 hand pumps in Darfur or people will be forced to leave their villages. The long term prospects if this happens are disastrous. One hand pump serves up to 2000 people and animals.

Please help KIDS FOR KIDS to raise money to fund SAVE THE CHILDREN'S emergency work in Darfur. Would you like to give a family a goat - or provide a village with a hand pump? Maybe your school would like to adopt KIDS FOR KIDS? Or could you think up a fun thing to do to raise money? One goat costs £9, five are £45. A Hand Pump is £2000 and could be named after you, your school or your company".

If you can help, please contact: PATRICIA PARKER MBE: 01306 887624 (mobile 07957 206 440) - Denebank, Cotmandene, Dorking, Surrey RH4 2BL (email: -

Cheques, which will be given directly to Save the Children's programme in Darfur, should be made out to: KIDS FOR KIDS, SC UK

Save the Children is a registered charity no.213890