Third week of UN-facilitated consultations for a political process for Sudan broadens engagement of groups from various Sudanese states [EN/AR]


Representatives of political and civil society groups convened in consultation sessions at UNITAMS’ headquarters in Khartoum last week. The UN-facilitated consultations on a political process for Sudan launched by SRSG Volker Perthes on January 8 continued to provide space for Sudanese stakeholders to present their views and visions on the way forward for democratic transition in Sudan.

During last week, SRSG Perthes led consultation sessions, along with UNITAMS teams’ support, with several groups’ representatives, including those from states outside Khartoum such as the Darfur Resistance Committees, Darfur Women’s Groups, Darfur IDP representatives, Mr. Gibril Ibrahim, head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Resistance Committee and women’s groups from South Kordofan. In addition, the UNITAMS held sessions with representatives from MANSAM, the Ba’ath Arab Socialist Party, Mr. Alsadiq Samal, a vocal a father of a martyr in 2018; group representing a number of civil society organisations, young women civil society activists, the Unionist Alliance and the Sudanese Teachers’ Association.

The UNITAMS initiative continues to fulfill the mission’s mandate as stipulated in Security Council Resolution 2579 (2021), through facilitating a Sudanese-owned process on a way forward to address the current political impasse following the coup on 25 October.

“We do not want to predict an outcome. These initial consultations will guide our next steps.”, reiterated SRSG Volker Perthes as UNITAMS prepare for a fresh rounds of consultation sessions with additional representatives of Sudan’s political spectrum next week.