SUDO (UK) Situation Updates – December 2015


During the month of December 2015, SUDO (UK)’s network of human rights monitors verified 66 specific reports of interest concerning the human rights situation across Sudan involving 10 Sudanese states.

SUDO (UK) has assessed that of the 66 reports concerning human rights; elements of the Government of Sudan were responsible for 38 abuses (including Government officials, the Sudanese Air Force, the Border Guards, the Rapid Support Forces, the National Intelligence and Security Services, the Police, Military Intelligence, the Kubjy militia in Blue Nile, and the National Congress Party – Student Wing in Kassala state), whilst various militias known collectively as Janjaweed were responsible for 27 human rights abuses. Other perpetrators include the SPLM-N, which were responsible for four abuses, a South Sudanese militia currently resident in West Kordofan perpetrated one such abuse whilst unknown parties accounted for a further five. It is important to stress that multiple actors colluded in various incidents meaning that often two perpetrators would be identified in any one incident report. Most notably such collusion existed between various Government actors and indeed amongst Government actors and militias.

The 66 incident reports detail the following: the death of 44 civilians, the rape of 19 women (four minors); direct attacks against 39 civilian villages of which nine were destroyed; the serious injury of 61 civilians; five explicit incidents of displacement including no less than an estimated 12,000 civilians; the arrest of 19 persons; the abduction of 24 civilians; and 11 incidents of aerial bombardment utilising no less than 63 bombs. It is further worth noting that 31 attacks involved either the looting of livestock or the destruction of farmland, and moreover that the Government of Sudan explicitly denied access of newly displaced persons to Tabit IDP Camp on five separate occasions. The denial of access for displaced persons is exceptionally worrying amidst the desire of the Government of Sudan to close the camps hosting displaced persons in Darfur.

Additionally, within the following reports monitors have also raised the issue of child homelessness in Khartoum, the deteriorating humanitarian condition of IDPs in Mershang locality in South Darfur, as well as the corruption and violence that undermined the student elections at Kassala University.