Sudan’s PSEA Country Level Action Plan – 2022


Excerpt of Speech from DSRSG/RC/HC, Ms. Khardiata Lo N’diaye on 16th November 2021

• “I emphasize my unequivocal commitment to strengthening and implementing special measures for protecting affected populations from SEA perpetrated by UN/INGO/NGO staff, volunteers, interns or contractors, especially in a context such as Sudan where communities are faced with various risks/threats and hardships that may increase their vulnerability.

• I also acknowledge that in the recent past, there have been ongoing and concerted efforts by the PSEA Network and its members to roll out different approaches and strategies to better integrate PSEA in our responses – particularly in West Darfur and Gedaref, but in other states identified as being high risk.

• While this is in step with our obligations and responsibilities as part of accountability to affected populations, there is always need for more. We need more energy and vigor, greater engagement, and creativity to pool and stretch resources, and we need rigor to implement strategies that are evidence-based, uphold the safety and dignity of affected populations, and protect those most-at-risk including victims/survivors of SEA. This is especially so in a country such as Sudan, where the number of people in need (PiN) and targeted for assistance has risen to 10.9million in 2022. This includes refugees, IDPs, resident communities and returnees.”