Sudan: World Vision feeds 25,000 children in Darfur displacement camp

World Vision distributed food to nearly 25,000 children under five in a massive exercise in Darfur's Kalma displacement camp last week.
It was World Vision's first blanket feeding exercise in Darfur, aimed at curbing rising malnutrition rates among children in various displacement camps.

The children received a two-week ration of highly nutritious Corn Soya Blend (CSB) and sugar, plus vegetable oil. Every child received 3.6 kilograms. About 88 metric tones of the premix were distributed.

World Vision is implementing the program with the support of the World Food Programme (WFP). The program has a food value of US$337,977 (367,300 metric tonnes of food).

The food distribution was carried out in just three hours last Thursday, with World Vision staff handing out the supplies at various sites around the camp.

"The day went well. I was not expecting us finish before end of day since it was a new thing, but we picked up speed and finished in three hours," said Francis Madonko, WV Commodity Officer.

Around 157,000 people are currently living in Kalma Camp, displaced from their homes by the crisis in Darfur. The camp, located 15km east of the town of Nyala, is the biggest in the region.

Food rations will be given to the children every two weeks for the next three months. The blanket feeding will run parallel with the monthly general food distributions that have been continuing since August 2004. Last month, World Vision WV distributed food to 250,000 people in 24 camps across South Darfur.

Report from John Kisimir - WV Sudan Communications