Sudan: Violence Against Health Care in Conflict 2021 [EN/AR]


On April 3, 2021 a clearly marked MSF ambulance traveling to Al-Fasher Hospital in Jebel Marra, West Darfur state was carjacked. The passengers, who included a pregnant woman, had all their belongings stolen and were left by the roadside. In response to the incident MSF temporarily stopped all referrals to Al-Fasher Hospital until the safety of patients and medical staff could be guaranteed. On December 30 security forces stormed Khartoum Teaching Hospital in search of injured pro-democracy protesters. During the raid security forces fired large amounts of teargas into the hospital, injuring patients and staff.


The Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC) identified 52 incidents of violence against or obstruction of health care in Sudan in 2021, compared to 15 in 2020. In these incidents 34 health workers were injured and/or assaulted and 22 health workers were arrested. Security forces raided hospitals at least 25 times.

Thirty-five incidents were related to the political protests and 17 occurred in the context of the longstanding armed conflicts in Darfur and South Kordofan.

This factsheet is based on the dataset 2021 SHCC Sudan Health Data, which is available for download on the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX).