Sudan: Urgent humanitarian assistance appeal

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The people of Upper Nile have seen so little stability let alone food, medicine and other basic needs for some years now. In the spirit of the upcoming Holy Christmas, the just ended Holy month of Ramadan and the end of year, New Sudanese Indigenous NGOs (NESI) Network compassionately appeals to all friends, sympathizers and supporters of the oppressed people of Sudan to aid these suffering people of Upper Nile.
Although we have very limited both human and material resources, at NESI forum we are stretching our hands to our brothers and sisters and are now planning to work together to save the situation in Upper Nile early next year. However, it needs a much larger and bigger effort. The people of Upper Nile, by the sheer fact of their physical location and ownership of the oil deposits, have suffered the brunt most. The Sudan Government (GOS) has experimented with all kinds of military tactics on these innocent people; the use of helicopter gunships for accurate targets for killing people on the ground, forced depopulation, displacement, mass killings, rape, the creation of GOS-sponsored militia groups and consequent deplorable human rights violations. All in order for the GOS to wholly acquire the oil and its revenue without pitying or even thinking about the inhabitants' welfare. The area has been inaccessible for quite sometime.

Recently, the indigenous political groups of the area decided to reconcile and unite. A significant part of Upper Nile is relatively stable now. NESI, therefore, urges all NGOs, United Nations agencies and other humanitarian groups to come and see for themselves. Please visit Western, Eastern and Central Upper Nile and assess the situation. Let's all join hands in assisting these innocent people.

18th December, 2001

Signed by:

1. Widows, Orphans and the Disabled Rehabilitation Association of New Sudan (WODRANS): E-mail:

2. Sudanese Women Voice for Peace: E-mail:

3. Sudan Medical Care: E-mail:

4. Relief Organization of Fazugli (ROOF): E-mail:

5. Nuba Relief, Rehabilitation and Development Organization (NRRDO): E-mail:

6. New Sudan Women Federation: E-mail:

7. MRDA Mundri Relief and Development Association (Nairobi): E-mail:

Mundri Relief and Rehabilitation Association (Arua): E-mail:

8. Jonglei Association for Relief, Rehabilitation & Development (JARRAD): E-mail:

9. Hope Agency for Rehabilitation and Development (HARD): E-mail:

10. South Sudan Community Association (SSCA): E-mail:

And NESI New Comers:

African Centre for Human Advocacy (ACHA): E-mail:

Sudan Women in Development and Peace (SWDP): E-mail c/o

Nile Inter-Development Programme (NIP): E-mail:

South Sudan Disabled - Persons Association (SSDPA): E-mail:

Gajaak Relief and Development Organization (GARDO): E-mail:

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We are a group of local organizations known as New Sudanese Indigenous NGOs (NESI-Network). Our main objective is to work together towards achieving a just and fair Sudan for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion/faith etc. We are currently operational in the margenalized areas trying to alleviate the extremely poor conditions under which the people live. Our Motto is self-reliance and a dignified life-style for our people.

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