Sudan, UNAMID agree to investigate killing of civilians in Kalma camp

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June 14, 2020 (KHARTOUM) - Sudanese government and Darfur hybrid peacekeeping mission have agreed to form a joint investigation committee to probe the killing of two civilians in Kalma camp outside Nyala capital of South Darfur state.

Two civilians were killed by gunmen inside Darfur largest camp of 129,694 residents when their vehicle lost its ways and found themselves in the area. The government and UNAMID swiftly deployed troops around the camp to prevent a retaliation attack on IDPs similar to happened outside El-Geneina in December 2019.

Under normal conditions, the hybrid mission assigned two formed police units for the camp while the government forces avoided going inside the camps due to the several bloody frictions with the residents who support the exiled leader Abdel Wahid al-Nur.

Jeremiah Mamabolo head of UNAMID on Sunday met with the general commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Mohamed Hamdan Dalgo "Hemetti" who is also the deputy head of the Sovereign Council. Also, he held a second meeting on the same day with several ministers including Omer Monis, Cabinet Affairs Minister, Asma Abdallah foreign minister, Nasr al-Din Abdel-Bari Justice Minister, and Attorney-General El-Hebir Taj al-Sir.

Speaking to reporters after his meeting with Hemetti, Mamabolo said it was important to investigate the incident and to bring the perpetrators to justice. Furthermore, he voiced UNIAMID readiness to cooperate with the Sudanese authorities to identify the offenders.

On Saturday, the RSF deputy commander urged Abdel Wahid al-Nur, the head of a Sudan Liberation Movement faction who rejects to negotiate peace with the government to hand over the attackers.

Also, Arab local leaders claimed that the UNAMID knows the spoilers of violence inside the camp and urged the hybrid mission to cooperate with the government.

Monis who led the government delegation to Nyala on Saturday stated after the meeting with Mambolo that the government and UNAMID agreed to join hands to arrest perpetrators of the attack.

"We have agreed with UNAMID to establish two committees. The first is a joint investigation committee led by the Attorney General of the Republic of Sudan," he said.

"The second committee will conduct a comprehensive survey and assessment of the security situation in some camps for internally displaced persons to restore security and end violence inside the IDPs camps, in line with the international humanitarian law," he added.

"The five most volatile camps for internally displaced persons, namely in the Sortony (21,500 persons), Kalma (129,694), Menawashei (18,816), Nertiti (59,482) and Golo localities (5,695), have experienced attacks by militias and breakaway factions of armed groups," read the joint report of the AU-UN to the Security Council last March.