Sudan: Southern Peace Commission resolve Jonglei conflict

from Miraya FM
Published on 27 Mar 2009 View Original
The Chairperson of South Sudan Peace Commission, Mr. Louis Lobong, said the commission is working hard to resolve the recent conflict between Murle and Lou-Nuer tribes which occurred in Lokwangole area in Jonglei State earlier this month.

Mr Lobong already met with 20 Murle community leaders adding he intends to meet the Lou -Nuer soon, after which he is expected to organize a peace and reconciliation conference between the two tribes.

He further urged both sides to stay calm and maintain peace and stability in their regions.

According to Southern Sudan Peace Commission, recent tribal clashes between Lou-Nuer and Murle have claimed the lives of more than four hundred and sixty (460) people and displaced over three thousand (3000).

In similar context, A UNMIS press release stated that, earlier UNMIS senior officials visited Jongoli state and met its governor Kual manyang to discuss the inter ethnic violence that led to death of hundreds of people ad displacement of an estimated 5,000 civilians in pibor county and the surrounding areas.

The UN deputy resident and humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan Lisa Grande said that the UN agencies have worked closely with the southern Sudan relief and rehabilitation commission and the Jongole state government to provide immediate assistance in the aftermath of the events.

Grande added that they will continue supporting the GOSS, and Jongole state governor in ways consistent with the UNMIS mandate