Sudan: Situation in Darfour - Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson

News and Press Release
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"We've taken note of President Bush's statement on tougher American sanctions on Sudan. As you know, a sanctions system already exists in the context of the Security Council. Discussions, in which France is participating, are in progress in New York on eventually strengthening the system.

France is currently studying various options that would support the efforts of the international community in Darfur and the region, especially from the humanitarian standpoint. It has also asked the European Union to consider possible lines of action.

One idea under consideration is to improve access to humanitarian aid, specifically a corridor, in consultation with the humanitarian organizations, the United Nations, African Union and the governments concerned.

Other options exist such as strengthening the assets of AMIS and support for the deployment of a UN enhanced support package to the African force. All these ideas are of course being discussed not only with our European partners but also within the Security Council."