Sudan - Situation Assessment Report: Sortony camp, Kebkabiya, North Darfur, REPORT 1: 6 October 2020 | Data collection: 22 September 2020

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DTM Situation Assessments are implemented to collect data on populations in non-emergency settings or protracted situations caused by coflict or natural disaster. As a subcomponent of the Mobility Tracking methodology in Sudan (Round Two), Situation Assessments utilise a broad network of key informants to provide an overview of the context by capturing best estimates of the aected population presence per area – a useful tool for humanitarian response planning and design.

Situation Overview

DTM teams piloted the implementation of a Situation Assessment within Kebkabiya locality, North Darfur to collect data on those who have been affected by previous and ongoing forms of conflict, as well as limited humanitarian response due to access impediments.

Sortony IDP camp was originally established in January 2016, and is situated approximately 52km South-East of Kebkabiya Town. The camp falls under the administration of Kebkabiya locality, North Darfur state. Its proximity to the conflict-prone Jebel Marrah region, as well as the presence of a nearby UNAMID base, has made it a suitable place for IDPs to seek refuge. The gathering site became prominent in response to the influx of IDPs following conflict between the Sudan Liberation Army/Abdul Wahid (SLA/AW) and Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Jebel Marrah locality in 2016. IDPs displaced as a result of that conflict arrived originally from Rokero (60%) and Boly (32%) in Shamal Jabal Marrah locality, Central Darfur state, and Kogna (8%) in Kebkabiya locality, North Darfur state, and have since been relocated within Sortony IDP gathering site.

Following the official withdrawal of the UNAMID mission on 8 April 2021, tensions returned between Government forces and SLA/AW. The SLA/AW were concerned that the UNAMID TeamSite, which is on land they claim, was not handed over to the rebel movement. As a result, IDPs residing nearby were at risk of being caught in the conflict between government forces, Al Sadiq Al Fuka forces, and the SLA/AW.

Since the armed attacks commencing 15 July 2021, approximately all IDPs have returned to the Sortony IDP gathering site. The general security situation in the camp currently remains calm but unpredictable. On 22 September 2021, DTM Sudan piloted a Situation Assessment during an Inter-Agency Needs Assessment mission to Sortony alongside UNOCHA, UNHCR, UNICEF, OHCHR, WFP, COOPI, and the Humanitarian Aid Commission. This mission took place following two months of access negotiations with Military Intelligence and local authorities such as the North Darfur State Wali, who had prohibited humanitarian access to the area following the recent armed conflict.

The purpose of the mission was to enhance and supply accurate and up-to-date demographic and protection data on the IDP caseload residing in Sortony, as well as providing an account of the available services at that location. In total, DTM Sudan estimates that 31,893 individuals (9,365 households) have been identied as currently residing in Sortony in Kebkabiya locality, North Darfur state.