Sudan: Shortage of food water and medicines in Maliha North Darfur

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Maliha (22 Apr .) - Commsioner Jamie Mohammed Siyah from Maliha district in North Darur revealed the food scarcity and water shortage problems facing the district, especially the outskirts of the district. The commissioner in an interview with Radio Dabanga blamed the food shortage on the bad agricultural season due to lack of rains and spread of pests. The commissioner said that he has asked the government to fill in for the shortage of food in the warehouses of the state and, regarding the shortage, the commissioner said that diggers will come to the Maliha district in the coming days to dig wells in areas most affected. These areas are Ambasaro, Um Quan, Dar Diyfa, and Wadi Qra’a.

On the other hand, the commissioner of Maliha announced of shortage in medical personnel and medicines with spread in the Alcazar disease in the district, especially between the areas of Issa Moutaitn and Elharra. Jami’e told Radio Dabanga that Alcazar disease was causing terror to the people of the district due to the lack of medications and an increase in prices, pointing out that some of the organizations have come to the district to fight the disease.