Sudan Says Thousands Of Refugees From Zaire Desperate

Yahya el Hassan PANA Correspondent
KHARTOUM, Sudan (PANA) - Sudan's commissioner for refugees, Mohamed Ahmed Hussein, has said the 6,000 refugees in Sudan fleeing Zaire's civil war are in desperate need of help.

They are in need of emergency assistance, he said, quoted Saturday by the Sudan News Agency, Suna.

It said that most of these refugees, Ugandans, had entered Bazali, a town near Sudan's border with Zaire.

A delegation from Hussein's commission, the World Food Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has visited the area to assess health and food needs for the refugees.

Sudan says it hosts some one million refugees from Ethiopia, Eritrea and Uganda.

Sudan has complained recently that international help to the refugees in Sudan has dwindled from 106 U.S. dollar per refugee in the early 1980s to less than 10 dollars per refugee at present.

Sudan, too, has at least 400,000 of its nationals taking refuge in neighbouring countries, particularly in the Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda. Most of them have fled Sudan's civil war that has been going on in the southern reaches of the country since 1983.

Hussein has described the health of its refugees in Kenya and Uganda as adverse, while saying those in the Central African Republic, whose number he put at 27,000, are living in a bad health situation.

He has accused the anti-government forces of the Sudan People's Liberation Army of withholding international aid to the refugees.

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