Sudan: RoS NFI & ES sector monthly update no. 10 - Oct 2008

Situation Report
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Executive Summary

- In October, the NFI Common Pipeline supported 363 disaster-affected households in ROS with 2,600 items. All distributions were carried out by SRCS.

- The 2009 NFI Common Pipeline Common Appeal was launched to donors this month requesting US$16.47 million to support Pipeline operations for 2009. Early funding is crucial to ensure stocks are procured and positioned for rainy season distributions.

- UNJLC successfully defended the requirements of the NFI & ES Sector during the Defense to the Donors and the Defense to the RC/HC & Deputy RC/HC. The 2009 UN & Partners Work Plan will be launched to donors and international stakeholders on 19 and 20 November in Geneva.

- Sudan Social Development Organisation (SUDO) is spotlighted in this month's update. SUDO is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, peacebuilding and development. In 2008 to-date, SUDO has supported 3,349 households with essential household items and emergency shelter in Northern Sudan from Common Pipeline stocks and its own resources.

- UNJLC encourages all partners to share information about their other pipeline and/or supplementary NFI activities.

Sector Overview

Funding Update

On 30 October, the 2009 NFI Common Pipeline Common Appeal for North Sudan was launched. The US$16.47 million appeal supports the delivery of essential items to distribution points and includes US$8.97 million for UNICEF for procurement, US$4 million for CARE for transport and warehousing, and US$3.50 million for UNJLC for management and coordination. Capitalizing on the cost benefit of UNICEF's global sourcing operation requires lead times of 4 to 5 months from the date funds are received to arrival in warehouse hubs in Sudan. As a result, early funding is crucial to the operation of the NFI Common Pipeline. 60% of required funding must be secured by January 2009 in order to support rainy season distributions, with the balance of funds secured by May to ensure positioning of stocks to support winterization distributions. Copies of the Appeal can be obtained by emailing The below chart details all available funding information for the Non-Food Item (NFI) and Emergency Shelter (ES) Sector. Please contact UNJLC at with questions. UNJLC recommends that all coordinating partners provide information regarding other secured funding, in order to maintain an accurate overall sector perspective and effectively advocate for additional funding as opportunities arise.