Sudan: Report - project of Jabbal Marrah targets to realize stability and strengthen peace in the area

Khartoum/9/5/ SUNA- All public and officials sectors have appreciated the decision of listing the project of Jabal Mara as a national project which considered one the citizens demands that more attention should be given to development projects in Dar-four to strengthen peace and spread stability in the region. The region's parliamentarians praised joining the project to the international projects instead of being under the administration of West-Darfur state. In addition to that the National Assembly approved the recommendation of the agriculture and animal committee affairs to list the project with the national projects that controlled by the ministry of agriculture and forests. The project administration board will consist of the minister of agriculture after the approval of the Republic Presidency. Jabal Marrah project for rural development expanded in an area estimated to 2.500 Square km and covered a large areas in the three Darfur states, most of it located in West-Darfur. The project includes about 9 million faddans that suitable for irrigated and rain -fed agriculture and about 290 families in the region would benefit from the project in the fields of providing food and drinking water besides it supports improvement of crops and rehabilitation of the environment. Chief of the agriculture and animal committee, Prof Al-Amin Daffallah asserted in a report prepared by the committee on the importance of managing the project by the government to provide the financial funds through the joined-ministerial committees and via the ministry of international cooperation. The report also aimed at attracting the financial and technical support to achieve stability in Darfur states. Prof Al-Amin added that the project Director, Ustaz Mohammad Yousuf received a sum of 2.5 billion Sudanese pounds from a total of 4 billion to buy equipments to the project, during the first half- of the budget. On his part, state minister in ministry of agriculture, Ibrahiem Ali said that returning the ministry's control on the project will provide more chances of finance and supporting to develop it , adding that the programs and plans of the ministry depend on interesting with the rural development that represented 50% of the agriculture sector , in addition to support the small farmers. The final declaration, of the comprehensive conference for Darfur citizens last December2005 asserted on the importance of utilizing the field of tourism as an essential economic natural source. It is to be mentioned that the mountains of Jabal Marrah are located in south- west Sudan. It expanded from Kass in south to Al-Fashir in the north and covered an area of 12.800 Km and considered the second highest mountain in Sudan. It consists of a group of mountains with a length of 240 Km that surrounds with some waterfalls and volcanic lakes. The region enjoys a moderate weather , rains falls in most of the year's seasons a climate which is appropriate for growing of many kinds of trees and different types of fruits also the great quantities of water made the land suitable to different kinds of crops, in addition to a rare kinds of plants and animals. Mountains of Jabbal Marrah is an attractive regions for tourism to enjoy with its most beautiful natural landscapes and pure environment. in addition to the beautiful waterfalls, there are some wonderful regions in the mountains as: " Goal region in which many natural forests and waterfalls are found in addition to some neighbors regions where rare groups of monkeys are living. " Dreba region It is a volcanic area of the mountain and consisted of two lakes and dick trees. " Al-Radoum garden found in Buram Province and In which live many kinds of rare wild-animals. " Kendy Lake, located inside Al-Radoum garden's borders where groups of local and migrants birds are living. " Some regions of sulfide water, that use to natural treatment. " Wade- Lahour region where some archeological historical areas are found The region is expected to witness a large movement of attracting investors and tourists that will strength stability and spreading peace among citizens in the region.