Sudan: Relief our brethren in Kasala

In the East of Sudan .. there runs Algash river .. spreading its blesses and pure water on which people of Eastern Sudan survives. It's considered as the vital vein of the area. Algash divides city of Kasala passing through many of its populated villages.
In the beginning of August, city of Kasala had continuous heavy rainfall, which flushed the Algash river in a way not seen since ten years. The water flooded towards the urban and destroyed many districts totally. Lots f houses were destroyed and about 14000 people became homeless. Dangerous diseases spread and infants are considered to be the most vulnerable victims.

The building of Human Appeal International's Orphans Center was destroyed due to the heavy rains and floods. All the files, documents of the orphans and furniture were drawn in the flood. The building consisted embroidery center which contained textiles prepared by the orphans mothers. HAI sponsors about 1460 orphans in East Sudan.

As the conditions went worse and heavy rainfall continued, Algash river flooded over the urban areas. HAI hurried to announce composing of Urgent Relief Committee, directed by Mr. Salim Ahmed AbulRehman, in order to present urgent aid to people of Kasala. Soon an amount worth US$15000 was approved to execute the relief program urgently.

The committee will convey a convoy from UAE to visit Sudan in order to have a close look over the conditions there and estimate the need of the victims of the destructed areas. Meanwhile HAI's Secretary General is having a quick tour in the area.

HAI based in UAE is managing a field office in Sudan through which it is supervising on the humanitarian projects executed in East Sudan since more than 15 years. HAI is the only Arabic member in the Coordinating Council of Voluntary Organization, which also consists of WHO, WFO, UNICIEF .. etc.

While Kasala is still facing the disaster, HAI launched its humanitarian mission and provided relief aid, such as food items and other urgent requirements to more than one thousand suffering families in following areas :

  • 656 families in Al Halanqah District
  • 200 families in Banet District

The relief stuff consisted wheat, rice, beans, edible oil and mosquito nets.