Sudan: Record number of patients treated at Lopiding hospital

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From ICRC News 02/16
The ICRC's Lopiding hospital has provided surgery for war wounded from southern Sudan since 1987. Located in the small town of Lokichokio in Kenya, a few kilometres from the Sudanese border, Lopiding is the world's largest field hospital, with a capacity of 560 beds, and over 4,000 operations are performed there yearly.

In early April, following an upsurge in fighting in southern Sudan - especially in the western Upper Nile province - the hospital received an unprecedented influx of patients, bringing the total number to more than 680 for the first time in its history. On 5 April alone, 41 patients were admitted from southern Sudan.

The entire hospital staff - surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses - did their utmost to cope with the new arrivals. The two surgical teams worked ceaselessly, performing up to 29 operations per day.

Most of the patients from Sudan are evacuated to Kenya by plane, approximately half by the ICRC and the other half by other humanitarian organizations. Lopiding treats both the war wounded and patients requiring emergency surgery. It also has a limb-fitting workshop, an internal medicine service and a training unit for Sudanese medical personnel.

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