Sudan PSEA Activity Reporting - Jan to Jun 2022



•Organizational policy and review: JASMAR was involved in reviewing staff contracts to include a PSEA clause as part of adherence and commitment to PSEA. SCEFA also conducted a policy review and did a session with their board members to facilitate approval/adoption of the PSEA policy

•Capacity Building: AORD, Global Aid Hand, JASMAR, NCA, UNHCR and World Relief were involved in various capacity building/training efforts. In Damazine, West and North Kordofan, AORD trained staff, community leaders, members of a Disabled Union, vendors and government officials from HAC/line ministries. Global Aid Hand conducted training for the Mine Action multitask team. NCA trained staff, casual workers from their distribution teams and volunteers/staff from MoH. UNHCR conducted training for government officials and members of the PWG (with UNFPA), as well as their implementing partners. Notable was an advocacy and sensitization session that UNHCR, Mutawinat and UNFPA conducted with police, immigration officers, military personnel, judges and public prosecutors from Gedaref.

•Orientation sessions: Both JASMAR and SCEFA conducted orientations sessions across their project areas targeting staff and board members

•Awareness raising: World Relief printed and distributed 2000 IEC materials (posters and leaflets) to programme beneficiaries in West Darfur to reinforce understanding of PSEA. UNHCR held 3 information/awareness sessions with refugees including youth in the YEP programme and with vendors' staff (cleaners and security guards).

•Risk Assessment and mitigation: In Gedaref (captured as Al Qadarif in the map) UNHCR led interagency efforts to conduct an SEA risk assessment and develop an action plan to address gaps and risks identified in the assessment.

•Coordination: UNCHR and CoR held a programme planning in Khartoum in which PSEA integration in the refugee response was addressed.