Sudan Protection Sector: Protection of Civilians Advocacy Brief (14 July 2021)

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Civilian killings, injuries & property destruction in Sortony, Shangli Tobaya & Kutum in North Darfur Incident(s):

• Sortony: On 14 June, two IDPs and two nomads were reported killed following inter-communal violence in Sortony area between Arab nomads and Sadiq Alfuka’s armed group. This was triggered by speculation that Alfuka’s armed group looted animals from the nomads and took them to Central Darfur villages that border Sortony. Arab nomads retaliated by setting on fire several villages in Central Darfur and Tawilla, North Darfur. Two days later, Sudan Liberation Army/Abdul Wahid (SLA/AW) group entered Sortony IDP gathering site and arrested around 18 people including from Alfuka’s armed group, SAF members and some IDPs. SLA/AW have taken control of the area.

• Sortony: On 26-28June, three civilians (two 16 and 17-year-old girls, and a 45-year-old man) were killed in clashes between armed Arab groups and Sadiq Alfuka’s armed group in Sortony area. Three other people were injured in the incident and were taken to the nearest health clinic in Rokero in Central Darfur State. There were also reports that four villages (Tawi, Taouri, Togous, Osajain) were set on fire, which temporarily displaced people to Rokero, but they have since returned.

• Shangli Tobaya: On 22 June, an unarmed civilian – who was a well-known religious leader - was killed in a shooting by three armed Arabs in civilian clothing in Hilat Sharafa village, approximately 5km from Shangli Tobaya. Reports indicate that the killing is linked to the mediation role the religious leader had played on land issues in the area. The body of the deceased was paraded at the Offices of the North Darfur Governor in El Fasher and the Security Committee by civilians demanding protection and justice. Unconfirmed reports indicate that SLA/AW and SLA/Minni Minnawi forces entered Shangli Tobaya and assured residents that they will protect them, including during the rainy/farming season.

• Kutum: On 24 June, in Kassab IDP camp, one IDP man died and another sustained serious injury after they were shot by three armed persons in uniform.

• Kutum: on 24 June, in Awaija area (15 Km north-west of Kutum, along the main road between Kutum and Abdelshakour), one civilian died and another sustained serious injuries, following an attack by six armed Arab nomads riding motorcycle in uniform.