Sudan: Prof. Ghandour: the United Nations have no Right to Monitor the Elections

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Khartoum, Jan. 5 (SUNA)- The Political Secretary of the National Congress, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, said that the United Nations have no right to observe the coming elections in Sudan in next April, according to the Election Law which clearly determined the countries and the circles which are authorized to participate in the monitoring of the elections. In a press statement at the headquarters of the National Congress Tuesday, Prof. Ghandour responded to the call of the Umma Party for Reform and Modernization, Mubarak Al-Fadil, for an entire UN observation of the elections in Sudan to guarantee its fairness. Prof. Ghandour pointed out that the law has defined several circles that are entitled to monitor the elections, adding that these circles do not include the United Nations on ground that the UN is extending part of the funding and technical support to the National Elections Commission. He explained that the election observers are the witnesses of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), like the United States, a number of European and African countries, regional organizations and representatives of the candidates. Prof. has called on those who give statements on the elections to read carefully the Election Act. Commenting on the announcement of Mubarak Al-Fadil of the election of himself for the coming presidential elections, Prof. Ghandour said that any political party have the right to nominate any person and that the people will give their decisive word. MO/MO