Sudan: President's Advisor for National Security warns of organized violence during elections

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Presidential Advisor for National Security, Salah Abdullah Gosh, cautioned that the 2010 general elections could be a target of organized violence, citing South Sudan, Abyei and IDP camps in Darfur as possible locations for violent outbreaks. The Presidential Advisor was presenting a paper on urban violence associated with elections, held at Friendship Hall in Khartoum. Salah Gosh described the organized forces as "not wanting" the elections. He added that the forces are likely to carry out organized and concerted acts of violence to oust the government.

The former Chief of Intelligence was adamant that organized violence during elections is probably, given the number of armed rebel movements in the country and the wide spread use of arms that has also caused tensions in many regions especially in South Sudan

He highlighted that some ethnic groups seem to not accept the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) and said that internal disputes within the SPLM may be tribal.

Concerning Darfur, Salah Gosh said there has been a large mobilization against the government witnessed by IDP camps. He ruled out the occurrence of violence in the remaining parts of Northern Sudan, assuring that violence in these areas can be contained 100%.

Gosh concluded his paper by stressing the importance of political consensus. He said the deteriorating relation between the two partners is the reason why concerted violence could happen.