Sudan: Political Protocol between the Sudanese government and Sudan Liberation Army Movement signed

Under the auspices of the Leader of the Revolution, President of Conference of Leaders and Heads of State of ( Cen- Sad ) Community, and in line with his sponsorship of peace in this Space and beyond and appreciation of all parties in Darfur Region for his calls and initiatives to establish peace and ensure stability in the region, a political protocol was signed Saturday evening in Tripoli between the government of Sudan and Sudan Liberation Army Movement in Darfur region in implemention of the Peace Accord in this Region that was signed in Abuja on the 5th of last May.

The signing of the Protocol was attended by the Advisor of the Sudanese President, head of the Sudanese government delegation at Abuja negotiations, al-Majdub Khalifa, Secretary of GPC for Youth and Sports, Secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the GPC for Foreign Liaison ands International Cooperation , from the African Union, the spokesman of its mission in Sudan, Nour Eddin al-Mazini, an official and people's delegation representing the Sudanese government and the Sudan Liberation Army Movement represented by the Movement's Secretary General < Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed Tairab and the Sudan Liberation Army Movement ( the Free Will ) represented by its chairman, Abdul -Rahman Mussa.

Secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the GPC for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation pointed out, at the beginning of the signing ceremony, that this political protocol came within the framework of the Leader's keen interest and continuous initiatives to bring about security and stability in the African continent, in general and in Darfur in particular.

On his part, the AU representative saluted, in his address , the Leader and the Libyan people for their constant contribution to solve disputes among the people of the African continent and to promote its development and progress, indicating that the presence of the AU at this meeting was a confirmation of the Union welcome of all efforts the seek to promote peace and preserve security in the continent.

The Sudanese President Advisor, head of the government delegation at Abuja negotiations , al-Majdub Khalifa, saluted in his speech, the continuous efforts made by the Leader Muammar al-Gathafi to realize security and stability in all parts of Sudan, underlining that the Leader Muammar al-Gathafi did not spare any effort to save the unity of Sudan .

The Accord, signed from the Sudanese government side by the Minister of Culture Youth and Sports, Mohammed Yousif Abdullah and the Governor of South Darfur Hajj. Atta al-Manan, and from the Sudan Liberation Army Movement side , its leader, Abu al-Qassem Immam al-Hajj Adam and from Great Jamahiriya side, Secretary of Cooperation Affairs at the GPC for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation, provided for the following:

" We, the government of national unity, on one side, and Sudan Liberation Movement , on the other side, meeting in Tripoli in Great Jamahiriya on Saturday 18.11.2006, under the auspices of the Leader of the Revolution, Peace Guardian at the( Cen-Sad ) Space and beyond, and in appreciation of the Leader's stands and calls to bring about peace in Darfur; as we refer to the vital role of the neighboring countries and the African Union to realize peace in Sudan and in response to demands by our people calling for establishing peace and security in Darfur.

Based on general principles stated in the peace agreement in Darfur signed in Abuja on 5/5/2006, and in implementing the agreement , we confirm the following:

1- Full commitment to all agreements and protocols signed according to the terms of the two agreements of N'djamena and the two protocols to improve the humanitarian situation and promoting the security situation and the general principles of the Peace Accord signed in Abuja. 2- We stress our desire to establish just and comprehensive peace and realization of development and reconstruction of what has been destroyed by war in all parts of DArfur to ensure peaceful co-existence between its peoples.

3-We reaffirm that dialogue is the only effective way to realize the high and noble objectives, and discarding all kinds of violence and fighting.

4-As we acknowledge that war in Darfur has inflicted great damage on individuals and families and has torned out the social structure and destroyed institutions; some thing that requires finding a positive mechanism to remedy the war effects socially and developmentally.