Sudan: Peace talks on Darfur must continue

News and Press Release
Originally published
Bonn, 25.6.2007. As representatives meet today in Paris for a summit on the crisis in Darfur, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) is calling for the immediate resumption of peace talks. "What peace do the new UN troops plan to keep?" forewarns Welthungerhilfe's Regional Director in Sudan, Johan van der Kamp. It is imperative that all parties are brought to the negotiating table before UN and AU (African Union) peacekeepers engage in Darfur.

The Sudanese government recently green-lighted the deployment of around 20,000 additional UN troops to the province.

Welthungerhilfe welcomes the fact that China - a key ally of the Sudanese government - has been invited to the summit in Paris, but points out that neighbouring countries like Eritrea and Chad also have to be included in talks if a long-lasting solution to the crisis is to be achieved. At the same time it is regrettable that Sudan is not participating in the summit.

More than 200,000 people have been killed in fighting in Darfur since 2003 and more than 2.4 million are now refugees. The violence and volatile security situation in the province has also been affecting relief agencies like Welthungerhilfe. With funds from the World Food Programme (WFP), Welthungerhilfe is providing aid to more than half a million refugees in the troubled province. Distribution of supplies to those affected has repeatedly been disrupted over the last few months due to raids and skirmishes.

Our Regional Director in Sudan, Johan van der Kamp, is available for interviews upon request.